Friday 1st Dec IPO Bargains - the 30p crew!

  • Evening all,

    After today's promising Market review from Adam Cole I was thinking TFFT I've only got to research 10 players tonight... oh no! That must be for Monday, so with that in mind I've given it a thorough combing.

    To start with the 3 players that stand out the most.

    PSG's young star Nkunku, only 30p and earning rave reviews, getting anywhere near their 1st team must speak volumes for this youngster!

    Moussa Konate, Amiens are on a great run and this 24 yr old Senegalese (WC bound??) striker is also on form, most 30p punts are based on potential, with this guy you have the now and the potential at a cheap price.

    From the youth to the proven with Leverkusen's Charles Aranguiz, this boy is a creative threat who can pass the leather off the damn thing. I've been waiting for him to come in and 80p is a decent price for a genuine PB contender in my eyes at a decent club in form.

    From the rest there's Rolan knocking them in for Malaga @ 50p, Jovic (Eintract Frankfurt) and Bastien (Chievo) 2 youngsters with excellent reputations coming in at 30p with potential transfers to bigger clubs.
    Klaus is probably one of the cheapest goalscoring regulars I've seen come in at 30p from Hannover.

    Ludovic Blas has a great reputation and doing pretty well at Guingamp for 40p and only 19. Was in France's top 10 promising youngsters in the last year or so alongside some prestigious names.

    Dabbur is knocking them in for Salzburg who are progressing in the EL but obviously needs a transfer elsewhere to get the rise most people are looking for.

    Bazoer had a great rep at Ajax but he's not quite broken into the team as you would have expected at Wolfsburg so 50p might be a bit pricey for him.

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