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  • Did not realise Ben Wilmot had joined Udinese on loan lol

  • Anyone watch milik at Napoli ? I've noticed on data his pb AVG has increased of late and he is getting more minute's. Is he a regular free kick taker for them now ?

  • @Rufio90210 Top scorer at the club this year, doing very well recently. 7 in last 6 home games. Not on free kicks in a team that includes Insigne, Hamsik & Callejon but is a very useful big No. 9. Invested in him myself at £2.70. Lot of big games coming up for Napoli and must be one of the favorites for the Europa League considering their home form

  • @Rufio90210 said in Serie A Thread:

    Anyone watch milik at Napoli ? I've noticed on data his pb AVG has increased of late and he is getting more minute's. Is he a regular free kick taker for them now ?

    Milik says he takes free kicks on the right and insigne on the left. Milik scored a belter the other week.

  • loved Milik since his Ajax days and have a bit of an affection for Napoli as my Italian club.. I like Adam Ounas as a cheap punt for potential and Amadou Diawara could grow in to be a top player (all be it in a FI unfancied CDM role)... Fabian Ruiz is also a good shout of those who can go on to become a top top player and more importantly double in value on FI!!!

  • Best players for me in serie a are zapata and berassi at fiorentina (very cheap for a player of his calibre)

  • @dannypea I totally agree about Fabian Ruiz he still young and preform pretty good when he gets the chance. Too bad that Hamsik deal diden´t go thru because that would have given him a spot in Napoli:s midfield. When it comes to PB does he score high ? I have seen him score pretty high when he score goals but haven´t followed him so well.

  • For me Suso and Luis Alberto are 2 really good players, although they haven´t performed as well as they did in the beginning of the Season but still 2 really good PB players that are on a down low price wise.

  • 0_1549565783360_Screenshot_20190207-195356_FotMob.jpg

    Didn't know where best to put this, no daily thread ??

  • @NewUser159379 zapata is on fire and still cheap at less than £3 a share, he can only rise.

  • I bought 400 Caicedo before 2pm, used IS with minimal profit because he's absolutely useless, ofc he scores a penalty directly after i dumped, but I'm not going to regret it because i can't even see him winning star man even if it finishes 1-0, he'll probably finish on less points than he currently has if he plays that bad in 2nd half 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • @Andy-M Hey mate, just wondering have FI sorted out the Swedish license for ye?

  • @Gregolocky2018 No, it's in their plans but not until they're on the new platform, I had a good chat with Adam Cole himself, sucks cos Swedes can no longer deposit money.

  • @Andy-M Ahh that’s a balls mate, hopefully sorted soon for ye 🤞🏻

  • Pleased to see Luiz Felipe is back from injury. Only on the bench though, hoping he can cement his 1st team spot again soon, I'm 10p a share down on him.

  • Milenkovic-Savic seemed to be playing quite well, and was leading PB for the midfielders until getting subbed off. Anyone know why he got subbed?

  • @NewUser166683
    Fabian Ruiz - PB max 212, PB base 73, Avg Top 5 - PB 161 / Avg PB 96, Top 5 - 3 times, Top 3 - 1, 13 starts, 3 subs, 3 goals, 1 assist...

  • Interesting that Pedro Neto has come on as a late sub in the last two Lazio games. Big things were expected of him and perhaps he may get a bit more action for the remainder of the season. One to watch maybe.

  • @Andy-M Wait so you are saying that we cant depoist or take out money from our Account? IM also from Sweden.

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