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  • Big rise from nowhere in Genk forward, Leandro Trossard today. Could be due to them still being in Europa. Was a nice surprise when I saw it. I would think a few Arsenal and Chelsea players will go up too soon.

  • Are we saying this is a pump and dump by @misto as a ploy to boost the value of Trossard????

    how canny!!!!

  • Napoli, Sevilla, inter should do well, those teams could easily beat arsenal and chelsea imo.
    Frankfurt have a decent shot, rebic/jovic/haller is as good a front 3 as any of those above also.

  • I think a lot will depend on the draw each round. There still quite a few teams who look an easier draw than others (on paper at least). So I’m taking it one round at a time. Arsenal and Chelsea both look to have great draws , unlike a few of the other PB teams playing each other. I’m looking at players who may be given a chance this round - Willock, Christensen, Hudson-Odoi etc.
    Hard to tell who will win it and who will take it seriously, could be a few surprises.

  • I always struggle with predicting the Europa runners and riders as so often the bigger teams don't take it that seriously and my tips this year (RBL, AC Milan, Marseille) have all bar Sevilla, Chelsea & Arsenal been knocked out...

    Usually a Spanish team does well.. Eintracht look good going forward for an outside bet then there is whoever falls out of the UCL (Napoli or Valencia perhaps) but i think the English sides have a great opportunity which will keep buzz and interest high in those Chelsea and Arsenal players.

    Anyones guess because of the rotations policy but it's a competition i really enjoy because the latter stages especially gives you a regular chance to look at some top players who not necessarily everyone has heard of!

  • @HUFCPaul he will get a move somewhere. Same as wesley at brugge. Brazilian, forward controversial, one name. Come to the prem hothead 😂

  • @dannypea I think Chelsea and Arsenal will take it seriously. Like Man Utd did when Top 4 wasn't a full gone conclusion.

  • @Finlay77 big links with Arsenal today for Trossard. Never heard of Wesley but will have a read up on him.

  • @Misto said in UEFA Europa League:

    I think Chelsea and Arsenal will take it seriously

    I agree but will they play a full EPL starting XI or throw in a few youngsters? Might take a chance on Ramsey again (having sold @465 now down to £3 after announcing Juve contract) but up front Nketiah @175 might fly if he gets a start?

  • Get on the Salzburg forwards. I have a hunch it could get ugly vs Brugge!

  • Victor Moses is down at 80p since his move to Fenerbache who are still in the Europa League. May also expect a few English clubs to be after him in the Summer too for transfer spec

  • @NewUser159387 Nketiah is cheap given the current sentiment towards youth, should start the second leg and possibly involved in the first leg.

  • @Lukeroro Don't forget the midfield too, they have Hannes Wolf, 19 year old who has been getting some great reviews and linked to RBL in the summer.

  • I think Bayer Leverkusen look good drawn against Krasnodar and some decent fixtures in the next 30 days only really Dortmund looks tough.

    Bellarabi & Brandt look a good options for goal scorers at current prices

    Tah & Wendell as the back could also be a decent shout



  • @Boing-Boing I'm on Wolf, Dabbur and Minamino. Also been on Haidara since before the Leipzig move.

    Do you know if Dabbur's move to Sevilla in the summer is set in stone? If so, he's an absolute snip.

  • @Lukeroro from the Marca ...' Sevilla have reached an agreement to sign Red Bull Salzburg striker Munas Dabbur, who will join the Andalusian side in July.

    The Isreali has agreed to a four-year contract and will stay with his current team until the end of the campaign' …. I think that looks pretty optimistic

  • @Boing-Boing what's the betting they draw one another in the quarters!!?

  • Any Jovic holders worried that Shaktar will knock out Frankfurt?

  • @NewUser731 I think he has enough transfer buzz around him to preserve most of his value - no doubt there will be a small drop but not Martial levels

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