January transfer predictions

  • I wonder if arsenal will move ozil and sanchez on and at least get a fee or are they integral to help the gunners qualify for the CL but then lose them free in summer. And what do people think these scenarios will do to their prices?
    Also i cant see aubameyang going to chelsea in jan but i can see belotti moving to chelsea then and willian has been rumoured to be joining barcelona.
    And finally the only other big name i see possibly moving in jan is mahrez. Cracking player and underpriced in the index.

  • @Porky aubameyang is besty mates with Neymar so the obvious club is PSG but Neymar is a nasty influence on the team aaubameyang isnt good in a team as hes a big head too.

  • @NewUser101688 aubamayeng isnt gonna sit on the bench so unless he plays two upfront chelsea will need another striker which i presume will be belotti.
    i also heard from a reliable source that PSG dont want to take Mbappe when his loan finishes as per the agreement

  • @Porky Cavani hates neymar they dont speak so pierre has a spot that could be his as cavani will be gone soon i dont know this as fact just my humble take on it)

  • @NewUser101688 I also thought they didn't get on but watched PSG's game on Weds, when Cavani scored he ran straight to Neymar to celebrate, I think stories of them hating each are BS.

  • @NewUser78072 yeah i thought that cavani at least hated neymar but they all looked right pally the other day

  • Rumours ive heard this week. Salah to real madrid. Willian to barcelona. Goretzka to chelsea or man u. Sanchez city. Carlos soler man u.

  • Jakub Jankto to Arsenal - especially after scoring 2 goals for Udinese in tonight's early Serie A game

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