IPO mistakes-let’s share.

  • Anyone else out there get over excited with the IPO hype of potential and so called stars of the future and pay heavily over their worth? Not naming any names (as I don’t want to put anyone off and effect any price rise) but mine is a certain ‘wonder kid’ who I’m praying reaches anywhere near what I paid so I can instant sell. Since making his debut he’s not even made the bench and he’s about 22p away from my investment price resulting in me being a couple of hundred quid down as a result. I’ve tried to sell to market and shifted a few already, but the que must be long as I’ve had a few 100 queing for over a week. Damn my over excitement and sheeplike euphoria!!!

    Come on let’s share our similar experiences and console ourselves whilst we sit with our fingers crossed.

    Also does anyone know what happens after your 3 year hold, do you get market worth at the time or your original outlay?

  • Im not 100% sure but i think you lose them with no money back.

  • @NewUser66152 are you serious?! So if you invest in a 17 year old and he is still on the fringes at 20 and no where near what you invested, you are basically screwed?!! 🤬

  • Share Period
    A Share lasts for three (3) years from the date you place the Bet (the “Share Period”).

    Upon the expiry of the Share Period, the Bet will expire – meaning that you will lose your stake and the right to participate in any Dividend. In advance of the expiry of the Share Period, it is open to you to take steps to sell the Share via the Website and/or the App and buy new Shares in the same footballer. This will result in ‘resetting’ the Share Period associated with the new Shares in that footballer.

    If you have purchased Shares on different dates in the same footballer, and sell them via the Website and/or the App, the oldest Shares will be sold first. For example, if you make the following Bets via the Website and/or the App:

    • 10 Shares on 1 January 2015;
    • sell 5 Shares on 1 January 2016;
    • buy 5 Shares on 1 January 2017; and
    • sell 5 Shares on 31 December 2018,

    none of your Shares would have expired because the oldest would have been sold first (the remaining 5 Shares held would last for 3 years from 1 January 2017 until 31 December 2019).

  • Not screwed as such as you can always IS and just take the spread on the chin.

    I'm guessing you're referring to Foden, I had no intention of holding him and just flipped him for a nice amount amongst the euphoria :-) however, he's not necessarily a bad bet as he's constantly looking for the ball and relatively prolific/creative so perfect for FI.

    In my opinion you won't have to wait 3 years to see if he's the real deal. He'll get a cracking loan opportunity or break into Peps plans so just chill out. :-)

  • We talking phil foden?

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