Monday 5th Dec IPO Bargain

  • Well the research has suddenly become a whole lot easier, effectively 8 players to analyse with 2 of them being pointless Goalies.

    It's quite an ageing list in the main and not that cheap either which is incredibly disappointing!

    The only person who catches the eye is Wagner, mainly because there's a few transfer rumours concerning Bayern amongst others and he's on course to make the German world cup side despite being 29/30. He knows where the net is and I suspect he'll peak anywhere between 75 and 90p so 60p is a decent starting point.

    Sami Khedira coming in at £1 is baffling me, his freak hat-trick aside his stats don't stack up against the top league elite, yeah he's a big name with a big rep in a World Cup year but if you're after a Juve midfielder Cuadrado at 71p is considerably better value than Khedira.

    Hope Wednesday's more exciting!

  • @Agatello theres money in dem der hills

  • @Agatello Lucas Digne hes not 24 carat but hes the only share of any real interest for me but i may not even bother with any of them

  • @Agatello would have thought Wagner would have hit the top end of the 75-90p scale, I'm wondering if it's because whoscored isn't showing his International stats? 5 goals in 7 games in 2017 makes him a certainty for the squad, not sure who usually starts for Germany though?

  • Could be his age working against him, Hoffenheim exiting the EL or people seeing value in other players in the same price range.

    I didn't see him come on and missed him completely!

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