January Transfers - Players with Release Clauses

  • The January transfer window is approaching there's sure to be loads of transfer hype but perhaps not so many actual transfers as selling clubs ask for inflated prices in January because they don't want to sell their best players half way through the season. However transfers of players with "cheap" release clauses are more likely to go through as selling clubs can't price buying clubs out of those deals. Therefore I've put together a list of those players I'm aware of with release clauses should come with a warning that not all their release clauses are cheap! Please add to the list if you're aware of other players with release clauses

    DR - Alvaro Ordiozola (Sociedad - Release £44m) - Barca/Real Madrid rumours
    DL - Alex Telles (Porto - Release £40m) - Chelsea rumours
    DC/DL - Clement Lenglet (Sevilla - Release £28m) - ManCity/ManU/Liverpool/Barca rumours
    DC - Inigo Martinez (Sociedad - Release £25m) - Liverpool/Barca rumours
    DC - Jonathan Tah (Leverkeusen - Release £22m) - Liverpool/Barca rumours
    DC - Lucas Hernandez (Athletico - Release £48m) - ManCity transfer cancelled summer 2017 due to Athletico transfer ban
    DMC - Fabinho (Monaco - Release £44m) - ManU/PSG rumours
    MC - Jakub Jantkto (Udinese - Release £6m) - Arsenal/AC Milan rumours
    AMR - Andrija Zivkovic - (Benfica - Release £50m) - ManU rumours
    AML - Mikel Oyarzabal - (Sociedad - Release £35m) - Spurs/Juve rumours
    ST - Andrea Belotti (Torino - Release £80m) - ManU/Chelsea rumours
    ST - Cedric Bakambu (Villareal - Release £25m) - WHam/Newc rumours

    Looking at that list and IMO the most likely transfers to go through in January are:

    • Lenglet to ManCity (who really need cover at DC/DL)
    • Jankto to Arsenal (great value for a guy playing well for a poor team in Serie A)
    • Martinez to Barca (especially after Umtiti's injury this weekend)

  • Shoulda mentioned a biggy - Antoine Greizmann's new contract has a £92m release clause - ManU, Barca and Real Madrid rumoured to be in for him - not sure if it'll happen in January but should be plenty of speculation then a summer transfer and a starring role in the WC to look forward to

  • @Dave-C useful list there, no more to add sadly

  • Good info, thanks. Where's the best place to find info on release clauses?

  • Where did you get these? The football manager database?

  • I've been checking out the players on FI including the each day's new IPO players making a note of those with good stats (using www.whoscored.com), those with transfer rumours/release clauses (using Google), those playing for selling clubs, etc to build up a database of potential buys

  • Hi Dave, would you share that list?

  • Anybody have any views on transfers in January without a transfer clause?

  • Potential transfers I may add

  • Icardi to Real Madrid, but I’ve heard from a journo mate of mine that Arsenal have enquired about him too...

  • Great little bit of information cheers Dave

  • @Ermejo said in January Transfers - Players with Release Clauses:

    Hi Dave, would you share that list?

    I haven't got the full list in a format which is easily shareable

    Btw I find FI's "Watch List" section helpful but as someone said on this forum recently you can't make notes to remind yourself why you're keeping tabs on players so FWIW I've downloaded this excellent free FI tracker spreadsheet (http://www.footyindexscout.co.uk/index.php/articles/football-index-spreadsheet-user-guide) and I've added a new "Targets" tab where I list potential buys with notes on key stats and transfer rumours, etc. Those notes can be helpful when I check back and wonder why I'm keeping tabs on some obscure Albanian right-back!

  • @NewUser24858 said in January Transfers - Players with Release Clauses:

    Anybody have any views on transfers in January without a transfer clause?

    When I get a minute I'll set up a new thread with a few suggestions

  • Brilliant Dave cheers mate

  • @Dave-C Glad to hear you're finding our spreadsheet useful Dave and even more so that you've found an extra use for it :)

  • @FootyIndexScout - Yes, your spreadsheet is a great resource, thanks

  • @NewUser24858 I'm guessing Alex Sandro's increase is due to new speculation about a move to Chelsea? During the summer they were supposed to be willing to pay £60mil for him?! He's been rotated a lot this season at Juve so could be trying to force through a move but I can't see how he would fit alongside Alonso.

  • Man Utd are rumoured to be in for him now a swell

  • @NewUser74233 Who? Sandro? That would make sense as they actually could use a world class left-sided player. Although Ashley Young is having a decent season.

  • Yes Sandro, and they have prioritised him over Danny Rose now apparently, theres quite a difference in price there as well so lots of potential, fair enough Rose is English so probably always going to be worth a bit more. But another tug of war between Chelsea and Man U could be good for MB too.

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