Robert Skov

  • This guy has scored 20 in 21 games for kopenhagen and is only 22. He is a right winger and is top scorer in the Danish league. His value is £1.13 and he is bound to get a big move in the summer

  • @NewUser271957

    I know you are new, so welcome to the forum ... but here's a bit of advice.

    Please don't start a new topic for every cheap player you want to pimp to the masses. If we all did this, the forum would be unmanageable.

    Stick it in the 'cheap players' topic. That's what we all do. It's the acceptable red light zone for pimpin.


  • I think he's worth a thread... (thought Misto was going down that route of giving individuals their showcase??) so if there's not a thread on him then don't see why we can't add one? This is not just a cheap 'PB' player like a 28 year old centre half that moves between Leganes & Celta.. this is one of Europe's top young prospects and he's just scored back to back hat tricks in the Superliga.

    Quick, tricky, intelligent, unbelieveable left foot... is it too easy to compare him to Michael Laudrup??

    Not sure 'IF' this summer he gets a huge move from Copenhagen.. could possibly see him somewhere like Ajax first, but can certainly see him playing at one of Europe's top top teams in 3-5 years so one to watch and one that i don't think will be a 'cheap player' for that long!!! He's better than that!!!

  • Bought a few @110 a couple of weeks ago on his stats alone, (also Landry Dimata 13 in 17 on loan at Anderlecht) as goalscorers are gold dust at whatever level they play, but good to know he looks a decent prospect & is likely to kick on in the next year or two. i remember when Luis Suarez was banging them in at a lower level, ppl were dismissing it as Sunday league stuff (before he moved to Liverpool & then Barca & did the same).

  • @NewUser159387 for every Suarez though there a Huntelaar who looks amazing in Eredivisie, but is sadly not the same in every divisie (see what I did there...)

  • @GregF every divisie... lol

    Yep i got it...

    Anyone else???


  • What a player by the way, amazing left foot, great height and build, dead balls are pure quality and he scores all type of goals. Only 22 years old!

  • @NewUser271957 - started this thread 2 months ago 👍

    Welcome to the party.

    Only concern is why he only has 3 caps for the Danish national side despite making his debut in 2016. 🤔

  • Looks like he will get a move to a PL team in the summer 👍

  • Moving up nicely today!

  • I’m on him, doubled checked to see if Denmark are in the under 21 euro’s and they are so he should be playing in that which means exposure, at well under £2 surely a price rise and speculation. If Mb is opened might get a couple days of Mb also.

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