Is the legend of Luis Advincula over?

  • An FI favourite now at his lowest price for 6 months. Is the wild ride of Advincula over? Or will the Ferret return with a bang?

  • @Static I have just read that the life expectancy of a ferret is 6-10 years which means we are only roughly four or five months into that tenure...

    To hold ADV you need to have nerve... Do you sell at a loss or do you wait for prices to inevitably rise. (You really won't want to be the one that misses out)...

    Someone has pointed out that Anthony Martial has ZERO dividend wins this year... Advincula has one... Martial is falling from 瞿10 highs... whilst the ferret is at the beginning of a long journey!!!

    We might not have hit no1 this Xmas but i don't even know who tops the charts these days.. some fella out of X factor??? Mr Blobby? It's never been the same since the days of Slade imo!!! Our very own rage against the machine will in time come good and those of us that believe will all see the benefit!!!

    VAMOS RAYO!!!!

  • @Static wow!! 29p!! I actually invested in him a while back and saw him as an unbelievably safe investment. There was enough chatter and enough public signs of investment that i couldn't see his price dropping. There was a quiet patch unfortunately that i think did the damage and his threat of the loan not turning into a permanent move. 29p though for a starting player in a pb league is still crazy value!

  • BTW just checked who was Xmas No1 and apparently it's some youtuber from Nottingham (a Forest fan) who sang 'we built this city on sausage rolls'...

    I would just like to state on behalf of all the sensible people of Nottingham and the fans of Nottingham Forest Football Club that this fella has nothing to do with any of us!!!

    We built this city on robbing the rich to feed the poor!!!!! Which is why Advincula will get his day!!!

  • Hopefully

  • 4p returns in div already, 15% ROI is right up there with poggers this season (at current price)

  • @NewUser51324 they have a Friday night match at home to Girona on 1st March. Advincula could well win more divs there. Big game for Rayo!

  • For 6 quid you could have 20 advincula with a chance of PB and IPD or you could have 1 mason greenwood

  • @dannypea do you people from notts and Mansfield still believe this fairy tale?不 I'm from Chesterfield and look what happened to our spire with the wood you provided from Sherwood forest! 不不不

  • @Dan-w yeah but lets face it.. if the spire was straight it would be just 'a church'... the fact that its not gives you identity!!!

    Although i must admit we take absolutely ZERO credit for your fantastic sofas!!!!

  • Advincula is a mythical creature. He's descended on us from the league of Mexico, won a PB, is the fastest football player in the world and made it up to 65p simply through a forum campaign.

    He is one of the safest bets on the Index, when he dips, top up! You'll make more money on him right now than Jesse Lingard!

  • @dannypea 不不不I think it's cryingout for a midlands trade meet now there is 2 on this forum!!

  • Whilst I disagree with the sentiment of the original idea behind Advincula, I do agree that players under 40p ish that start every match and are capable of winning dividends are probably underpriced. Even if their only chance of winning is most likely single match days.

  • @Dan-w as long as they don't have any boring 'OPTA' guys being interviewed and its not in a nightclub like the last one i'll be happy to attend!!!

    Heard the acoustics at Chatsworth aren't bad!!

  • @dannypea haha! I will refrain from asking 'stato' to join us then! I could send him on a different night,he will bore someones tits off! The Midlands has got to be the hub for the next meet

  • @Boing-Boing how could I forget thee.

  • @Dan-w ive been keeping a low profile so @dannypea doesn't see me and give me abuse about last night

  • @Boing-Boing hahahaha nothing against you but Lee Mason on the other hand....?

    Must admit i watched it until half time and got bored myself and ended up watching a box set with the Mrs in bed.. Even flicking between the Man Utd match was sending me to sleep!!

    Would have taken a point at the start though so as they say... onwards and upwards!!! ;-)

  • @dannypea happy with a point too, we couldn't get going as Forest smothered us in midfield. Not the greatest of matches and 1 to be forgotten as soon as poss.
    Lee mason called it right .. Gayle was taken out by a vicious and savage challenge that could of finished his career !!!!

  • @dannypea as a forest fan also I concur with the embarrassment factor

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