Wednesday 6th Dec IPO Bargains

  • Quite straight forward tomorrow.

    Volland 9 goals in 14 for Leverkusen this season, young enough @ 25 to still earn a big money move and probably a World Cup place in the summer! Been waiting for him to come up, happy with anything under a £1 for him.

    Akolo, bit of a hero story with this guy, refugee to Stuttgart leading scorer, only 22 and coming in 50p should see a 20% ROI for those who get in quickest.

    Crivelli looks half decent and is quite young but can't see any value in his price.

    If Vitolo was still at Sevilla he'd be with it but silly money for a Las Palmas player who's on the decline.

  • Where's the IPO list? Haven't seen it anywhere.

  • @NewUser98204 it was released a lot later than usual yesterday but it's on the usual football index news site

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