Neymar > Messi, When?

  • At time of writing Messi is £8.03, Neymar is £7.69. Obviously Neymar will eventually overtake his ex teammate but how many days from now do you reckon it'll be? I think comfortably by Christmas.

  • Could be tomorrow or the next day. Messi goes down 20p and Neymar goes up 15p. That's all you need.

  • I think it will happen very soon. Barcelona's form has steadily declined (along with the form of their ageing stars) and three draws in five with two tricky away games coming up before the winter break could see Messi slip further until well into the new year. Neymar meanwhile has potentially four relatively straight forward games to play before Xmas with plenty of performance buzz opportunities backed up by transfer links in Jan... I certainly think if anyone will get to the £10 spike it'll be Neymar before Messi (unless Messi destroys Real Madrid in a couple of weeks which he's been known to do in the past)?

  • Down to 17p difference, could be done before the weekend, suppose the real question is do we expect Neymar to stay ahead all season? Can’t help but feel Barcelona will return to world class form at some point this season

  • Down to 10p now and with Neymar assured plenty of goals in the French league and a leading role for Brazil as well ad PB and MB prizes he will be pricest player here for some time I would think, shame i didn’t buy more :(

  • Also, Neymar is only known by one name (i.e. has no first name), which is a massive advantage with media buzz, where the player's name has to be mentioned in full. For example, I've seen articles referring to Neymar and Messi where only Neymar has been awarded the buzz points (as the article didn't state "Lionel").

  • looks like its happened!!!!!!!!!!

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