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  • Hi All,

    You may have seen me around here recently, as some of you will know the forum has been in need of a facelift for a while now. I have already talked to some of the members on here and they have some fantastic ideas that we will be looking to implement soon. I just ask that while we are working to make the forum better and more user friendly that you be patient with us as things are changed around a bit.

    Please let me know if you have any queries/concerns or suggestions relating to this.


  • Hi @DANFI
    First of all, cheers for the post. Can t believe nobody has replied in the 5 hours since you put this up!!

    I think there just needs to be a constant eye on repeated threads. We've seen so many threads that could simply be posted on the Cheap Players thread (which itself could be pinned but then again is always getting bumped back to the top) and numerous threads on the same players (predominantly Vinicius Jr and Jadon Sancho) so whittling them down and condensing them could be a cracker.

    Otherwise, getting rid of the Transfer Spec and Off Topic sections might be useful as it all seems to be here. Particularly as Transfer Spec is directly related to trading.

    There's a few petty disagreements pop up but a forum needs that. And you are an admin, not a ref so I think that's fair.

    Plenty others have more points but generally it's great to see some acknowledgement that the forum is used. Cheers. What made FI give someone a more prominent role on the forum?

    Been thinking about more posts that it would be useful if they were pinned:
    Daily Game Chat thread; saves Misto adding a new one each day and is quite useful.

  • @DANFI Hi Dan. Thanks for posting this. Good to see you on the forum.

    I created a similar thread a while ago and emailed my suggestions also which I think have been raised with yourselves by @Misto and @Noirx4 .

    They mostly relate to the below.

    1. Search function. Very frustrating to 'lose' an interesting thread and not be able to find it again. The vast majority of forums have this and also to prevent the same questions being asked time and time again.
    2. Ability to Delete Posts. If you scroll through the threads, you'll notice a large number of deleted threads. For some reason, this keeps happening and again it's very frustrating g if the thread contains useful info or discussion but the op decides to delete it for whatever reason. Can we remove this function for everyone except moderators? Understand its necessary for offensive posts and in certain situations, but this happens too often for this to be the case and I suspect it's just someone either changing their mind or playing games. Neither is productive for the FI community.
    3. Sticky Threads/ Pinned. I saw you added a few, so thanks for this. I think the index thread with the players links setup by @Misto should also be pinned as we need this to avoid duplicate threads for each player and league.
    4. Sub categories. For player discussions? Leagues? Too much in one category here.
    5. Moderators. We need a few people to moderate the forum - monitor the above and make sure everything runs smoothly. Appreciate this is more work for FI and a couple of us users have offered to help, including myself but understand this may need to be an internal FI thing. PM me if you are interested though.

    Thanks again. Like the recent visual changes by the way.

  • Hey Dan-good to meet you the other week at the trader meet.

    I have a couple things that would be quite interesting!

    1. This is very personal of course, but we're seeing more and more people create content on FI. Is it possible that we could have a function that allows people to post videos/articles/blogs that then shows them as a thumbnail on the timeline? Alongside that videos could be viewed on the actual forum rather than having to go onto YouTube for example. This would be useful for you guys as well in posting FITV for example.

    2. I'd have a look at the forums on Freetrade and Monzo. Monzo for example have a whole page just for 'features' where users can add features they want to see added to the roadmap of the product. This would be a great idea for FI, as you could then more accurately gauge what features users want without having to do polls etc. on twitter. Aka I could post 'a functioning watchlist' and it had the most upvotes, you could assume that there's most demand from traders for that!

    3. I think the good thing about forums in general is that you can attach posts together and essentially create FAQs. For me for example, I'd love to have all my posts, podcasts or videos in a thread which people could view on my forum page. The bad thing about twitter is that often things could you have a function where posts could be more easily accessed or pointed to?


  • I'd love a watchlist, this is being looked at atm by CS but I haven't had one for months.
    I'd like to click a player in my portfolio and see stats same as if you clicked on another player not in portfolio.
    Better stats
    New website, current one is tired and not great.

  • hello can u help please i am very new at this can u please tell me if my profit is green is that good or as it got to go red thanku

  • @NewUser282049 Before investing any more money I'd strongly advise reading this thread

    But yes, green is good.

  • @Chris-J thanku good luck

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