Richarlison to Chelsea £25m

  • With Willian off to Real Madrid in Xmas transfer window, Richarlison buy for Chelsea for £25million. What will that mean for Player prices on FI and buzz dividends?

  • Both utter tosh.

  • Willian is more likely off to barcelona not real. And richarlison i can see as wayford pinched him from under chelseas nose in summer but i cant see that deal until summer.
    In answer to your question. Willian would go up in value as hes quite cheap now but richarlison is already quite high already and would not start every game at chels. IMO. 👍

  • If and its a big if it went through ...

    I'd suspect that Richarlison would have a short-term price rise. When he settles though it could be much lower than this current price as he may well have a similar role as Willian who is priced much lower. Personally wouldn't touch this.

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