Sunday sell off

  • @Zidave also got the champions lge and Europa draws next Friday so can't see why anybody would sell

  • @NewUser184847 Salah will crash if Bayern win. Some traders thinking ahead and derisking now.

  • @Hotspur true, although i fancy them to get through with a score draw. I think being the away side will help them, 0-0 first leg @ home was a decent result

  • @Hotspur Salahs been dropping for a few weeks now, I think he's a victim of last seasons success.
    I spoke to a Liverpool fan this week who said he could be a one season wonder - he's scored 17 goals in the PL this season, joint second top scorer, and even his own fans are disappointed!

  • @GregF to be fair anyone who thought he was gonna keep up the same scoring exploits as last season want to give their head a wobble. he had the season of a life time, never shown anything like it before and wont again. he's having a great season better than a goal every 2 games. last seasons exploits were a one off.

  • @Pimpmaster you're right, if people thought he would turn into Liverpool`s version of Messi then they're more than a sandwich short of a picnic, but to call him a one season wonder is a bit of a stretch!
    He's looked a bit desperate to score the last few games, but anyone who's scored as many as Harry Kane is not having a bad season!

  • @GregF for once it seems the FI crowd are reacting accordingly with what's happening on the pitch. Salah is playing pretty awful lately, his touch is off, his decision making is all wrong and his lack of goals lately tells you he's not right in the head at the moment. So people are right to sell him. He's one of my biggest holds and I know he will bounce back but his drop in price is justified. The market is reacting to current form and not the 17 goals scored since August '18 - that means nothing on FI.

  • Salah is still getting in positions to score his finishing is just off, probably just confidence. I would be worried if he was going missing in games but he isn’t.

  • This market suspension is doing wonders for my portfolio. Would normally expect several drops today but not had any so far.

  • @Yellow it’s in the post 😜

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