Friday 7th Dec IPO Bargains

  • Tomorrow sees a couple of promising Uruguayans in Celta Vigo's star striker Maxi Gomez 70p and Juve's Bentancur 50p.

    For those looking to hoard the next generation of stars Pinamonti is only 18p @ Inter and had Spurs sniffing around earlier this year.

  • @Agatello Rodrigo Bentancur is probably the one I'm going in for tomorrow. He's made a good amount of appearances for Juve this season and already has 4 caps for Uruguay and could play a big part in the World Cup if he has a good season. Pinamonti if you can get him anywhere near his price will be good also. 18 Years Old, very highly thought of and already big interest from Premier League sides most notably Everton. Word of warning on Maxi Gomez is that there are quite a few reports that he will be going to China in January so could be one to stay away from. Also with Pinamonti if he doesn't make a first team appearance this season FI could remove him from the site but I think he's worth the risk.

  • @Agatello agree there's some promising youngsters, not sure if any of them are getting enough pitch time at the moment for me, definitely more long term holds but Pinamonti would be my choice, decent scoring record for the Italian youth teams.

  • watched Bentancur regularly for Boca when the Argy league used to be on Youtube on Sunday nights and always had the opinion he'll go on to be a star. I'm sure his price won't be 50p for long and before the day is out they'll be plenty of people having dibs on him!

  • Pinamonti is meant to be a very promising young players with a great record, shame Inter is rubbish at developing his own kids, he may be off on loan in January but defo worth a punt, same for bentacour he looks like a good young player and so is Piaja at Juve

  • @Agatello thanks for all these blogs mate but now with just 10 players each day I think even the laziest investor should be able to do there own research, I've had to pay 59p for Bentancur and I wonder how many people would have bought him if it wasn't for this blog? Unfortunately I don't have the app or superfast broadband so when a player is launched my computer usually freezes, so I have to rely on finding decent prospects by doing my own research, yesterday I looked at all the games where he's completed the full 90 on whoscored and calculated his scores against the Opta points system (he's averaged around 75 passes but his averages on whoscored are much lower due to all his sub appearances) in theory making him a fantastic 'hidden gem,' then I saw you'd mentioned him and knew I'd have to pay extra. Anyone who agrees / disagrees can feel free to upvote / downvote me, if I get a lot of down votes then fair enough :-D Alternatively do the blog at the end og

  • @NewUser78072 Meant to say do it at the end of the IPO day so that people who are too lazy to research can get the player after those willing to do some research but with slow internet speed have had a chance to but them :-D

  • @NewUser78072 are you serious?

  • @pwp23 about which part? About people doing their own research? Bentancur being a hidden gem (if not blogged about pre-IPO) or my internet being sh*t? There's an element of truth to all of them.

  • @NewUser78072 giving the guy a hard time for trying to help us all out

  • @pwp23 you should have read the comments when FI posted the same style blog on their twitter feed about the best ligue 1 prospects for the new IPOs, the abuse was a lot worse than what I've written. However I hope Agatello hasn't been offended and I have no problem with people helping others make a profit, it just bugs me when people use this blog to make a quick flip, this could easily be sorted by posting at the end of the IPO day? But I dare say if Agatello didn't so it someone else would....

  • @NewUser78072 he should get a medal or some free shares in the company!

  • Hi Guys,

    No offence taken, just a gate ;-)

    Joking aside I don't think these forum posts make that difference to be honest. I know that because I've waxed lyrical about some stars and they've received no traction whatsoever, there's a service called Football Index Edge that I actually subscribe to myself - they do exactly the same by identifying the best priced IPO's (we generally pick the same players but every now and then I'll miss one or they will). That service is subscribed to by some serious traders who will jump on all talent coming through at the right price.

    At the end of the day there's a load of traders who find these posts incredibly useful and with 100,000 traders on the system you can bet your bottom dollar that Bentancur would have jumped in the same fashion without my post - there's some very knowledgable people out there.

    Finally, if Bentancur if worth what you're hoping he will be then the difference between 100 shares @ say 54p vs 59p is only a 5er so if you're not interested in flipping him you're still onto a very good thing.

    I've said it before and I'll say it again, I reckon if he came on at 60p he would still have risen by 9p and I'm convinced by that as people who want him in their portfolio won't be put off until he's clearly too expensive (Milner Syndrome).

    So in a nutshell I'm not offended - in fact it's more complimentary however I honestly don't think it makes that much difference other than helping people see value and pick up a player that's worth buying full stop :-)

  • Keep it up agatello, your blogs are appreciated.

  • 100% thanks

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