Eric Lamela - £1.13 - seems like a decent buy

  • Hi

    New to FI and looking for value, Eric Lamela still only 25 and on injury comeback trail - when fit think will be a regular at Spurs and therefore will there be a spike in his price. Can’t see any buzz wins though... thoughts?

  • Spurs fan here, I don't think he's good value unless he can oust Eriksen or Alli from the 1st team. Son is incredible for us and even he can't do that. Maybe if Alli or Eriksen move on then he could become 1st choice but until that happens along with an injury free spell then I'd stay well clear of him at this moment in time.

  • Agreed he won’t play a much bigger role than Son unless someone leaves. His stats won’t be any better than Sons are when he plays so doesn’t really warrant a higher price tag IMO...and yes after such a long lay off who’s to say he won’t be crocked again in 3 weeks

  • Lamela injury free? That’s overly optimistic given his track record, may be wiser to invest elsewhere...

  • He was good value at 82p, cant see him rising much above what he is now

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