V. Junior doing my nut in!!!

  • Ok...straight to the point.
    V. Junior; I brought x5 @£11.93 3 weeks ago, now he is @£11.29. Basically gone lower and lower since the day I brought him.
    I know he could be a great long term potential for 1-2 years especially as he will probably get in ahead of Bale & co and also if Bale leaves in the summer (which now seems likely) but I can not make up my mind whether to sell up and cut me losses and jump on someone else who could actually get some extra dividends back or stick to him.

    Suggestions from you guys would be greatly appreciated!!

  • @gball1975 ...sorry, but what was the reason you buy him at £11.93??

  • @Mundek … I was new to this at the time and was on a constant spike up (until I brought him)

  • As you have mentioned he would be a long term holding and the fact that they are now selling Bale this would only strengthen his position. If i had some cash to invest i would purchase some futures. There is also the Copa America this summer and should be involved.

  • I have plenty and I’m keeping them. Stay cool.

  • @Mundek because he thought his price would go up perhaps?

  • @Le-Blanc … basically yeah. Only big player I could afford thinking long term, young Brazilian just signed for Real.

  • @gball1975 he’ll be back. Couple of goals here and there and he’ll take off again I think.

  • Keep hold and don’t panic sell 👍📈💷

  • @Le-Blanc
    Perhaps but I can imagine on FI is 100s players that you can buy for the same reason with much better effect and less risk!!

  • He's one of the riskiest holds on the index, he's returned no PB or MB and it's likely he won't anytime soon. You're pretty much relying on him being world class at that price, I can't see him winning any MB as only world class foreign players win it outside of transfer windows. Maybe he'll be in with a PB chance if Madrid go deep in the CL, a lot of ifs and buts at that price, I'd want a sure thing for £11 personally.

  • @Mundek and less risk instead of shelling out nearly £12 a share! 😱

  • @nally93 … so you say sell and take the hit?
    Also, how would you take on instead? throw a couple of suggestion over...

  • @gball1975 would not be selling anyone of that nature ahead of the share split. He got to the price he is now for a reason. That reason is a raw talent. Ignore dividends and look at capital appreciation potential for now.
    He’s absolutely loved at Madrid and only going to improve. Madrid will get through this round of the CL meaning he will be £2.75 a share at the next round of CL games. ( working on likely x4 split)
    I’d be very confident he will rocket again because his all action style and pace will appeal to people on this index.
    Sit tight/top up In the dip.

    ** with regards to risk. You don’t play every game at Real Madrid at 18 unless you’re pretty special. I’d back their coaches opinion over my own. Vinicius is going to be a star for years to come

  • @gball1975 you just bought at the top of a rise, not necessarily a bad hold. He rose so sharply over the course of a week or two so its natural for people who got on early to take some profit.

    my opinion is that for the sake of 5 you should keep hold of them. You will have 20 if its a split by 4 and hes potentially going to be a star.. worth the risk in my opinion.

    from what I have seen he looks very exciting, hold until the end of the season at least - you never know he could find his way into Brazils copa america squad and become a star overnight!

    just another opinion, but cutting your losses isnt always the best idea. I held Neymar in the red for 2 months at £16 and now hes over £20. Patience can be vital

  • @Wilba @Salmon … cheers all. Consensus is to hold so I shall do just that...SS is a good factor to bring into my dilemma.

    Still fairly new to this hence the initial question.

  • @gball1975 May i ask the reason you bought him at that price? Were you looking for capital appreciation for 1-2 years or dividend payout for 1-2 years? The reason i ask is that to gain 10% capital appreciation he would have to go up £1.13. This is quite a lot in comparison to a £1-2 player would would only have to go up 10-20p. If it is dividends you are looking for then do you think is/will be the best for dividends for his price?

  • @Salmon
    What kind of capital appreciation potential you are talking about - 10%,20%, 30% ROI or more ?! And how long do you have to wait for that - 1 year , 2 year or 3 years??

  • @gball1975 you will get different advice from everyone on this forum. But one thing that is 100% consistent is the advice to not panic sell when in the red.
    Good luck with your FI journey

  • @NewUser731
    I just wanna said that ....!!

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