V. Junior doing my nut in!!!

  • @Weggers83 They cant handle the pressure :) Stocks go up and down but long term up. Pretty standard.

  • Anyone watching the game on itv4 tonight? Safe to say the commentator is a big vinicius fan, wouldn't be surprised if he's got a few futures in him!

  • @GregF yeh good to have it on itv.. But commentary team is diabolical. Talking over each other... Manic... Annoying voice. Not a lot going for them!

    Oo that goal makes it interesting... Now a vini brace would be lovely, looks a threat every time he gets it

  • He’s been quiet this second half - should’ve done better with the chance he had

  • A score of 104 for VJ tonight, which is pretty decent, considering he didn't score.

    He had two good chances, and once he starts scoring, I fully expect him to challenge for PB.

    Admittedly, he's not an £11 player yet, but the potential of this kid is massive. I'm really looking forward to seeing him against Barca in the next 2 games.

  • I've held off on VJ for a while and been quite critical of him (mainly his lack of goals) but I've decided to now jump on him since he dipped under £11. Why have I got him now?

    He is now around £3 cheaper than Sancho.
    I think in the next month or so he is going to have that game everyone is waiting for and score 2 or 3 goals and his price will shoot to around £14 when that happens imo.

  • @Static 2 games against Barcelona in the next week too.

  • The lad needs a blinder over the next 2 games vs Barca, I don't like red on my portfolio (especially that much red)!!!

  • @gball1975
    I remember that u said you bought him at £11+ for one reason - long term and that was few weeks ago?! 🤔

  • @Mundek Nope not me. I brought @£11.93...but definitely a long term holder

  • Got 20 VJ’s today after seeing him play the other day. No doubt this lad will be world class in a couple of years. I’d take him over Kane all day long!

  • 13 days later....still doing my head in, even more so now!

  • @gball1975 said in V. Junior doing my nut in!!!:

    13 days later....still doing my head in, even more so now!

    I know it's a sore one, but take solace in the fact that all is not lost. You can walk away now at a significant loss, or you can forget about him for a while, and remember it's a 3 year hold.

    There is always a chance he will rise above the price you bought in at, within that time.

    You would never be given this shot at redemption by a traditional bookmaker.

  • @johnboywalker Only 'red' on my portfolio and now out until end of the season. I may stick him on the sale list and buy a few Kane shares prior to the share split?

  • @gball1975 completely different situations but some recent injuries and their effects.

    example 1 Neymar, he was IS all over the place, I held and watched my profit disappear. Today is the 20th day in a row he has gone up and hes not kicked a ball since (I know champs league etc helps bla bla)

    example 2 Kane, I watched people IS kane at about £8.20 6-8 weeks ago when he was apparently out for 3 months, hes won 19p in divs (I think) since then and is now over £11.

    selling good, sound investments isnt always the best thing to do, especially if you react late.

    I hold VJ and will continue to do so. my bet expires in 3 years and I can guarantee a 21 year old VJ is better than an 18 year old VJ

    have faith in your buys and youll be ok

  • I'm going to give it another couple of days until he bottoms out and then top-up on VJ.

  • Please help me find a reason why to buy VJ as I don't hold & struggle to see his value: scored 4 in 27 for Real & 9 in 56 overall in his career, OK he's a young Brazilian at a big club who are struggling after a great few years. Possibility they will want to rebuild around him for the future but that's real life - in FI he appears to score poor PB & MB returns, coupled with minimal G&A impact.

    I'll be honest if I didn't know who we are talking about I would expect him to be around £2 based on the stats alone, he is obviously a FI darling but now appears to be out for the season so please give me solid reasons why to buy with a 3 year hold horizon, compared to say Neymar, Kane, lo Celso, Dybala, Salah, Icardi, Morelos who look better bets.

  • @Wilba but Neymar (because he was scheduled to face Man Utd) & the Kane injury got column inches & earned there holders dividends while they were out & VJ's injury has barely caused a ripple within the English press...

    It's dead money at a time when the SS is imminent (your not sitting on some £1.50 player) it may take up a large percentage of a user's portfolio - coupled with the fact we don't know who the new Madrid manager will be, other than the fact we know we are getting one!

    And it adds up to a whole different ball game whether you keep or sell 🤔

    If you bought between £4-8 you should be sitting pretty but any higher than that & you may want to squeeze what profit you can out of him, or cut your losses & invest elsewhere.

  • @Ericali I tend to look at things slightly differently, I hold Kane, VJ and Neymar (VJ is my smallest hold by some way, perhaps why I'm not too bothered about the drop)

    for me to IS now im taking a hit of over £1 per future. I have no idea what the new dividend table will look like and how things will change in the next two weeks therefore I cant see anyone in the market that guarantees making that money back so I would rather just sit on him for the time being.

    My portfolio is big enough that I dont need to keep chasing my tail every time a player gets injured. Yeah I may miss out on a rise elsewhere but he will be back up again I'm sure.

    When I first joined FI I fell into the trap of IS when I player got injured and every time it turned out to be the wrong choice and every time the player came back and was more expensive before they kicked a ball again.

  • @NewUser159387

    His PB scores have actually been very good considering he has not been scoring. He has been getting the chances. In most games I've watched, I'd say he should have scored at least 1 goal. He is loved already by the Madrid fans and gets pretty decent media coverage for an 18 year old.

    He gets fouled constantly, he crosses the ball, and rarely misplaces his passes. He scored a beautiful free kick for Madrid B against Celta Vigo earlier this season, so also has that in his locker.

    When he eventually finds his shooting boots, all these things combined could make him a PB monster.

    The fact that he is classed as a forward rather than a midfielder means that he has less players on the pitch to compete with for PB.

    Whereas Sancho for example has to compete against the metronomic pass machines like Kroos, Banega and Brozovic who dominate the midfield PB.

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