V. Junior doing my nut in!!!

  • I hold Vinicius and for 2 reasons I won't sell:

    1. he is out for a couple of months but is one of the best teenagers in the world, so his price will come back up eventually
    2. those who have sold will buy other players, and as I have a 50 player portfolio, including most top 10/20 players I trust that some of these will go up now, and compensate to a degree for the hit on him

    Also, by queue selling now it will take ages to sell and his price will probably be down further by the time it's my turn...and there is no way that I would IS a top player unless something really drastic happened!

  • @johnboywalker

    Can see your thinking but surely Jesus at Man City, for half the price, might equally fit the bill & obviously has far more room for growth?

  • @johnboywalker said in V. Junior doing my nut in!!!:


    His PB scores have actually been very good considering he has not been scoring. He has been getting the chances. In most games I've watched, I'd say he should have scored at least 1 goal. He is loved already by the Madrid fans and gets pretty decent media coverage for an 18 year old.

    He gets fouled constantly, he crosses the ball, and rarely misplaces his passes. He scored a beautiful free kick for Madrid B against Celta Vigo earlier this season, so also has that in his locker.

    When he eventually finds his shooting boots, all these things combined could make him a PB monster.

    The fact that he is classed as a forward rather than a midfielder means that he has less players on the pitch to compete with for PB.

    Whereas Sancho for example has to compete against the metronomic pass machines like Kroos, Banega and Brozovic who dominate the midfield PB.

    Don’t be suprised if sancho gets reclassified as a striker.

    On topic to @gball1975 just hold him he will go back up at some point.

  • @Tom77 yes especially if Mouri-nooooooo 😭 walks through them Los Blancos gates!

  • Just bought 100. Its a 2 month injury and happy to get him at this price. Has been real best player since he got in the side based on a lot of sites i look at. Dropped 1 pound in a day = good time to buy imo.

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