Losing that loving feeling

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    @Wotabeast no skill either. Fi say how much is your football knowledge worth? It doesnt matter anymore, just wait for someone to score a goal...

    If you pick some really good players early your okay, I know you were banging on about Havertz for ages and you must have made a few quid. The hype on the kids is just overshadowing a lot of these genuine finds.

  • @Noirx4 - Congrats on the 👶 🍼 enjoy the sleepless nights, maybe a bit of player FI research as you do the night shift..

    Agree a little take on the index, think down to all planning for SS, plus players values getting hit when they exit Cups, transfer window shutting and we seem to have had a lack of treble match / media days (too many singles).

    Roll on end of March and of course the mighty Hornets 🐝 Quarter final versus Palace (Zaha will dive, get a penalty, score and probably get sent off for diving and then retaliation...) hopefully in between Watford sneak a couple of goals..

  • I started off in September 2018 and was up 30% by Xmas. Currently at 5% up and lost most of my gains over the last month. I feel this has been due to buying and selling too much which has been down to boredom recently on here. I was hoping the share split would have been February and think it’s been badly timed. I’m still hopeful I’ll recover to my previous gains at some point this year though. Perhaps they can chuck in one cheeky deposit bonus before the share split?!

  • definitely not as fun at the moment but you just have to stick it out!!

  • @TeamGB

    I believe Mike categorically stated there would be no Deposit bonus before the SS or any planned in the near future

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    I believe Mike categorically stated there would be no Deposit bonus before the SS or any planned in the near future

    Planned being the key word there.

  • @Advinculas-Index Hi yes I realised he said that but surely they are a flexible business and can adapt to the dire market at the moment. Some confidence needs to be restored over the next month.

  • @Tom77 still alot of players out there that are cheap as you like that will become very good in time. Some of the overhyped youngsters, i get why, but for me a chong, greenwood,brewster type player vs a 19 yr old like havertz who plays week in week out, developing in a competitive environment, only one place i want to put my money into. I think post split are going to be back in the days of 38p jovic. Alot of pb players could be 60p odd.

  • @Tom77 no, he said no bonus before the trader meet and no plans for one anytime soon. Didn't categorically rule out one before SS. I'd actually welcome one now, would be a boost to carry us to the split.

  • Evening all. Interesting thread so thought i'd have a rare ramble. Apologies for post length.

    Surely throughout January everybody saw this coming??? Is anyone really surprised by the fact there has been a few weeks of stagnation. Growth throughout January was incredible, like many others my average daily portfolio increase was 0.3% for the first 36 days of the year, this is not sustainable. Since then it has been a fifth of that per day but still growth. Admittedly big drops the last 2 days though. Of course this is all going to have a psychological affect and be less entertaining. If you get £50 growth every day then log on to see £10 it makes sense it's not as fun, God forbid an actual drop in portfolio.

    Re the share split date, I agree with @Shippers, why the rush? I always believe periods of stagnation/people taking profit are logical and necessary. This gives old and new users (I hate this general term and how they are blamed for everything supposedly illogical) alike a chance to reassess their portfolio after the crazy growth, cash in on the players who have maybe shot too far in relation to dividend potential, VJ, Dembele, Joao Felix etc. People complain about logic in the market, this pull back/slow down IS logic. In terms of the date being misguided @Wotabeast, I think they have been wise waiting, it's not as if there is a share split button waiting to be pushed, they need to get everything in place to make it seemless and perfect and have wisely given themselves time to do that. Next Feb no one will be talking about the time it took to implement share split but if they fuck it up rushing then it would cause a loss of confidence in their capabilities.

    Agree with all, it would be amazing if FI increase dividends, it will add confidence that they are making money, it surely has to happen. Hopefully your time is now @HappyLarry59855

    Agreed with @Advinculas-Index, lots of people are learning the game, following trends, working out a strategy, other users are cashing in on these trends and amplifying them. In general though, I would say the direction of movement is generally logical but sometimes it over shoots or drops too far, that is the nature of a market, especially one growing as fast as FI has been.

    Re IPD, I think it gives an added interest at the bottom of the market, the consensus is that it isn't worth it over a certain value of player so volatility is not an issue for the higher value players. I feel it is very easy to ignore if you don't like it and great to enjoy if you do like it, everyone's a winner surely.

    @Metropolis_山の中の市 I have to strongly disagree on needing deposit bonuses (I appreciate you only briefly touched on this). 3 in 4 months was overkill, it should not be required to stimulate a market, it's causes artificial growth followed by pullbacks and periods of people withdrawing and holding back future deposits while they await the next bonus, I actually believe the huge December/January growth was kickstarted by the announcement of no Christmas deposit bonus, people released funds and off we went.

    Overall, sit tight, be patient, adjust portfolio, take a breather if needed, come back refreshed and enjoy the share split when people start to reinvest.

  • I don't want a deposit bonus.

    Football Index needs to be self reliant not needing 'perks' to stimulate the market every few months.

    These bonuses just encourage people to keep their money back incase one comes along.

    Maybe a one-off new user bonus where they match your initial deposit up to £100 or a Xmas bonus where they give you 1% of your portfolio value to spend on shares - this would encourage people to keep their money in The Index.

  • I also think the market is doing just fine 👍

    A little slower than Dec-Jan but it will pick up again. Although, they probably should have had the split 3-4 week earlier than planned.

  • Well written @Martino.

    I agree re SS and making sure they get it absolutely spot on. Pretty sure I read somewhere that they used to make important decisions for FI over a pint in the pub. We are now at a stage where they are "responsible" for millions of pounds. Those days are gone. There is serious, substantial volumes of money involved now. Can you imagine the fall-out if they do something wrong when the SS is actually implemented! They'd be ruined.

    I also agree with you and @Ericali about the deposit bonuses and I've not even been here long enough to ever see one.

  • @Ericali and others, the way they're doing it actually reassures me they know what there doing. Let them take there time and get it right, top up where needed and enjoy those profits in the coming months. There will always be times of stagnation. The market is doing fine and in fact surely better than ever probably money wise. Alot of people as I joined kept saying about patience yet no one's patient enough regarding the SS

  • @Advinculas-Index Same mistakes we all made... Please elaborate as I am one of the relatively new traders

  • @NewUser19365

    The biggest one for me was impatience - e.g using the Instant sell too much and getting concerned as soon as players went into the red (Ignoring the reason why i purchased the player in the first place). As opposed to looking at it as an opportunity to buy more of them on the cheap.

    The other one was getting players just because i thought they were "good" players and not fully understanding the characteristics of a players makeup which are best suited to making £££ on FI (That comes over time).

    Ive tended to make less mistakes as time goes on but the key for me has been to read, listen and watch FI related content and learn what is useful and what is bullshit.

    From my experience it took around 2 months to really get a comfortable grasp of the whole concept and after 7 month i still consider myself a work in progress....

    Although looking at your user number you are probably less of a newbie than I...

  • @Noirx4 I feel the same mate

  • its amazing how the sentiment on here changes so quickly. like others have said January growth was unsustainable / amazing. time for a level out. people who have been on here for some time will have seen this several times over.
    no doubt the market is changing with a influx on new users / high growth..........but that just means we as long term traders need to flex our strategy and adapt to the times.

  • @NewUser115892 exactly.... 👍

    "Be like water my friend" 😎

  • Football Fans are by nature a fickle bunch............................

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