£50 - £100 to buy with

  • Question...is it worth buying a handful of Jadon Sancho / Rashford (just as an example) or would you be buying x10 of someone around £5 per share???

  • Depends what you already have in your portfolio @gball1975.

    For example, I have 10 x Rashford and 25 x Brooks. Both trades cost me around the £100 mark.

  • @LukeMalla
    V Junior x5
    C Hudson x10
    Joao Felix x5
    R Leao x2
    R Brewster x10
    S Gnarby x5
    C Adams x15
    R Gravenberch x5

    … with £50 - £100 to spend out

  • Personally - and please do your own research before just blindly following me - I'd top up with 3 extra Leao (atleast) while his price has dipped to take advantage of IPDs and make any capital appreciation even remotely worthwhile. Holding 2 of someone just isn't worth it IMHO.

    Then with whatever is left of your £100 I'd be looking at players like Brandt from Leverkusen (just dropped a bit because of being knocked out of Europa League), Frederico Chiesa from Fiorentina, Lucas Paqueta or Krzysztof Piatek both at AC Milan, or either/both of Wan-Bissaka of Palace or Ben Chilwell of Leicester as they're both heavily being linked with the likes of United, Citeh and Munich for summer moves. Jesse Lingard likely to be back in the next couple of weeks if you see him as potentially rising a bit before the end of the season with the England games coming up. Dele Alli for the exact same reason too.

    For full disclosure I am currently holding both Wan-Bissaka and Chilwell, and will be buying Brandt once I've been paid.

    If you don't mind me asking, what prices did you get on VJ and CHO??

  • @LukeMalla Of course;
    -VJ @£11.93 (I know...losing on him but thinking very much long term on him)
    -CHO @£8.43

  • X40 Manuel Lanzini

  • @NewUser271957 … doesn't do it for me, a year out, but I may be wrong!!

  • @NewUser265486 this one should help?

  • Hi mate :) I've decided to go down the 'buy the drop' strategy. To me, that's buying a player who is recently injured (btw, buy when his down graph is now flat or at least just a slight fall/slight rise) & 'hoping' to make a profit on the rise. Here is an example that I'm doing atm & that's on Callum Wilson. He was around £3.40 a share when he got injured in early February & is now priced at £2.90. He's due to be back playing for AFC Bournemouth soon (maybe this weekend) & I reckon that there could be at least 30-75p a share growth if he is back & score's. You could buy 30 plus share's with that & maybe buy weekend, you could've made £10 & then move on to the next injury ;) All the best :)

  • I'd advice in fishing down in the sub £1 realm. With deep research into those players outshining the team they're currently at or those in the relegation zone who are too good for a division lower and are bound to be picked up.

  • @AbuOG this can be a bit risky, but when it pays off its really good. I've had success with Prcic and Field recently, the %age rises are far better than the top players but I've got my portfolio split into low risk holds (pogba, Neymar etc), some middle grounders (Zaniolo, Havertz) and then some low cost, fingers crossed they rise kind of players.

  • Odegaard looks a safe bet and kind of in the middle. Finally playing well and only around the £2 mark. Sam Field's another good option as @GregF stated, young, English and under a £1 but its up to you really. I would make some of your own choices too from a learning stand-point.

  • @GregF Prcic is definitely a great find and I do have him also. But for a smaller portfolio (which I have) or balance, there can be some real gems when you put the time and effort into it. An example can be Valentin Rongier. 24yo in the heart of FC Nantes midfield. Was scouted by Ranieri for a fee of 3mil a few years ago and now Nantes demanding 23mil for him. Especially with a SS incoming, there's a real opportunity in filling your boots.

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