Franck Kessie

  • I'll start a Franck Kessie thread as he hasn't got one. AC Milan have come alive in the second half.

  • @Misto im been told hes a good hold. ive looked at stats. not bad but unspectacular . would you still rate him? Seems Milan are on the up

  • @jonathan-rolfe I was trying to sell back in February/March, but there were no takers. I was surprised, as he's only 23, talked about as a good prospect and had links to both Arsenal and Wolves.

    Price dropped to a point I was not prepared to sell at and actually bought some more. Was rewarded with a couple of goals and an assist for IPDs (sadly just before the rates went up!)

    I listed again, but doesn't seem to be much market love fo him at the moment. I suspect a move to the PL or a continuation of AC's form next season would be good for his value. I'd be less keen if he moves to Inter or Napoli though, as they are also being linked now.

  • definitely one to watch. he has some fans in a fi whats app group im on. it looks like Milan are a team on the up

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