The Demise of Romelu Lukaku !!

  • Hey guys

    Some of you may remember a thread i posted a couple of months ago i think? headed 'The Demise of Lionel Messi'....I don't mean to blow my own trumpet but it clearly looks like i was right !! he has gone from £9.08 on 11th Nov 2017 to £7.71 on 11th Dec 2017 and that's only 1 month !!!!

    Anyway that's not what i am writing about it's about Romelu '90m' Lukaku who has scored 8 goals in 16 appearances since joining Man Utd, that is the same scoring rate as Wayne 'free transfer' Rooney who has also scored 8 goals but in 14 games since joining Everton and also he has played 365 mins less than Lukaku !!

    Lukaku's price drop is not as bad as Messi, only dropping from £4.78 on 11th Nov 2017 to £4.61 on 11th Dec 2017 but he seems to be a 'headless chicken' on the pitch at the moment, it seems like he has caught the same virus as Torres did when he joined Chelsea....

    I'm sorry Romelu but the next 3 months of your current form and people will start asking questions !!

    Let's hear you opinions....Big Flop or Top Dog?



  • It’s an interesting point, but Rom has age on his side compared to Messi, he seems to flop in the big games, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see him score a couple vs Bournemouth on Wednesday and his price will increase again, if he continues to bang goals on against lower opposition and play pants in big games he will always be in chance of MB and chance of PB against so called smaller teams so still some value in his price is my opinion

  • He is still in the news (even if its negative) and will be whilst he is United's 'main striker' so should be a valuable asset as a media buzz player. The risk from an Index perspective would be if he loses his status as United's forward long-term.

  • One factor for players who crack under pressure is the size of the occasion but another is fierce competition for their place in the team.

    I predicted that the return of Zlatan could derail Lukaku and it's currently coming to fruition.

    The reason I thought this was that he didn't fancy playing for his place at Chelsea and had it all his own way at Everton. His record against the better teams is glaringly suspect and I can't remember him doing anything for Belgium when it really mattered.

    His Flat track bully reputation could be bang on. Utd will always create lots of chances so he'll never be a flop but I reckon his starting spot may well disappear if and more likely when they buy a better striker!

  • They need one quick. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jose went for a big hitter in Jan. Someone not cup tied for the Champions League.

  • @NewUser49172 icardi?

  • Having said that, not sure I can see inter selling whilst they are in the title race in serie A, belotti maybe more likely but I’m not sure he’s fully recovered from early season injury, Griezmann in the summer is still my bet, but if he can’t wait til summer Icardi for me is the obvious choice as he’s not cup tied

  • The ability is there but hes under jose who in my opinion takes a lot of talent out of attacking players by being obsessed with tracking back. Jose and Man u are due to implode soon so when their next manager comes in we will see lukaku at his best with more freedom.

  • Ooh Icardi, imagine that! But maybe he has too much ‘character’ for Jose and he won’t be able to handle that. I could see Icardi at Chelsea though... that guy would light up the Prem.

  • maybe the return of Zlatan has put extra pressure on Rom and some players do not rise to that kind of stuff (especially if they like being top dog themselves)? But knowing the years Rom has been in the Prem, we all know when he's not scoring he offers fairly little, and he's had his droughts at Everton before, usually he'll come through with another scoring run, confidence back and all the papers lay off again? Remember football is fickle. One minute you're the best in the business, next min you're the worst, i'm sure he'll come through and whilst his FI value will probably drop (until his form improves) if and when he does return to scoring his stock will rise again.

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