Jordan Storey

  • I've heard very good reports on the big centre half. Preston have only lost once with this guy and his companion in defence. Commanding player.

    I would be interested to hear your views on him?

    He's currently at 0.85p and is linked to Everton and Brighton. He's also in contention of winning player of the year at Preston.

  • @NewUser289646 Well, the fact he's on loan to a club higher than his parent club is telling regarding his ability and potential.
    Not too sure on the transfer rumours though, what source are you using for that, cause I haven't seen anything?

  • It was from a Preston fan who spoke to a scout who was sitting near the press area. Not public knowledge. Just word of mouth.

  • He has a 4 year deal at Preston but fans think he will go to either a top end championship club like Norwich, Leeds, etc or a Burnley or Brighton in the summer.

  • Rate him very very highly. Been watching a lot of championship football and he reminds me off an upcoming john stones type cb

  • I’ve known him since he was 11, his rise is incredible. 5 years ago he was playing local park football then went to Exeter at 17, was their best player in the play off final last year. Preston have a real talent in him

  • The Preston coach said he is the next John Stones but with more strength.

    Incredible player and to think he was playing in League Two not so long ago. Only a matter of time before a top 10 team come in for him. Long shot, but I've heard Watford want him now. He's living in the north now though.

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