Why is robben so cheap

  • Is it me or does anyone else think that robben's price is quite slow seeing as he plays most of bayern's champions league games. I've invested in him at 70p

  • @NewUser14198 hes getting on a bit and 1 injury away from retirement. Just my opinion. But yeah hes miles away from the likes of ronaldo when one time he was up there with the best.

  • his next move will probably be retirement which means having futures in him isn't that attractive as your investment might be gone in 6-18 months? Add to that no world cup (a summer slide in val?) and other younger more exciting players at Bayern coming through means he's not really investable for me.

    Having said that, low price, a few PBs (which he's capable of) and maybe a move back home to Holland (PSV, Ajax or Feyenoord)could see you make a small profit on him but that happening is far from guaranteed!

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