• As we are all aware there is some strange movement going on recently on the market, if you see a sudden decrease in prices for no apparent reason then do not panic and follow suit, just sit tight and you'll see the prices slowly re adjust themselves, obviously now and again there can be a genuine reason, injuries or bad form, so please check before making rash decisions... LET'S GIVE THIS POST A BUMP NOW AND AGAIN FELLOW TRADERS. πŸ‘

    @DANFI could you possibly pin this post, it's possibly harming the market, especially new traders.

  • @Andy-M something tells me your the culprit Andy πŸ€”


    @Andy-M something tells me your the culprit Andy πŸ€”

    Don't follow ?? What did u mean I'm the culprit?????

  • I noticed this trend at the weekend and took a flyer on Sancho being next as he has had pure growth and I was up 30% so I sold and bought Rashford. Not my finest trade but I am happy to have got some Rashford all the same.

  • yeah just to Reiterate what @Andy-M is saying, yesterday I had the worst few hours I have ever had on the Index. Players were dropping all over the place. If I had sold at that point I'd have sold right at the bottom of a dip. Instead I closed the app and did some work, confident in the players I had

    Checked the portfolio again this morning and it had completely recovered. This is a market, there will be peaks and troughs - Dont panic sell as you will almost always regret it.

  • @DANFI could you possibly pin this post, it's possibly harming the market, especially new traders.

    @Andy-M if they pinned this, they would be out of business in 6 months! 😁


    @DANFI could you possibly pin this post, it's possibly harming the market, especially new traders.

    @Andy-M if they pinned this, they would be out of business in 6 months! 😁

    I had to consider writing that part, but surely the new traders are the future of FI, if i had joined recently and witnessed this bollox, I would have withdrawn and run a mile, if that's what FI want then good luck.

  • @Andy-M trading keeps the platform alive.... πŸ‘

    Probably the primary reason why G & As were introduced. If no one trades, all out portfolios are rendered worthless.

    You have no chance of F.I pinning it

  • @Ericali we still need to look after the newbies, I'm not regarding the usual sell offs and stuff, ofc that's healthy, but I'm sure everyone has noticed there is a new kind of pump and dump, or more like dump then pump..
    We all have our opinions obviously, and i respect yours as much as everyone elses mate πŸ‘

  • Just for clarification because i think a certain person misunderstood me, got a PM, I'm not trying to discourage trading, I'm trying to discourage panicking and using IS, the drops are actually a time to fill up 😁

  • I’ve already said on another thread...whatever is going in/ to the market....and the price of a player....if you dont’ sell then you haven’t lost a penny.

  • @Ericali not sure if you are just trying to needle andy again … but it's just a warning not to panic. Not to stop trading!
    My port is now 26 players... in the last 3 days I've probably had 10 of them vulnerable to this extremely dubious behaviour. Dropping 50p in a matter of minutes and then a few hours later they suddenly back to where they were. It's not genuine volatility as there is no user activity on those players. New users could freak out when they deposit Β£1000 and buy the players we all would recommend near the top of the tree... only to lose Β£200 in space of 10 minutes for no reason. You'd think it was all a big con, wouldn't you?

    The first player of mine affected was luckily someone I got at good value and plan on holding long term, so whilst I was shocked and concerned at what was happening I didn't react. And then I was ready next time it happened.

    Lots of people potentially got burned/are getting burned. So it's a comforting warning.

  • Great post! Would be quite easy to panic and think the whole Index is imploding. Hold your nerve, remember why you bought the player in the first place and maybe even top up while you can get the lower price.

  • @Vespasian32 always happens on a Monday, I don't bother look on Mondays anymore to save myself the hassle of wondering which player is taking "a hit" this week. look at the Lionel Messi situation over the weekend. why would people list hundreds of his shares, scores a hat trick flies back up, then back out again. its dubious and dark arts of trading, I'm pretty sure there are some real stock trading types doing this, they know how to play it and have brought these tactics to the index. Monday is a no go area for me now haha

  • Totally agree Andy, and I also got a PM from the assumed same person when I recently created a post to advise Newbies in particular about the function to take a temporary break(24hr/48hr/Week/Month) from the site via the Responsible Gambling option, so you aren't constantly monitoring your portfolio and making rash decisions. Yes, high turnover of buying and selling is good for the FI moneymen, but in a rapidly growing, and very unpredictable business, the volume of players/funds held on account by investors are also very important for all involved - help and trust may just keep enough people interested in the longer term!

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