Sean Longstaff

  • What's your opinions on longstaff's current price?
    I'm asking because I bought shares last Friday and I'm up £1.23 per share. I expected about 30-50p rise after the Huddersfield game but now that he's up so much so quickly I'm thinking if he doesn't start tonight there could be a big drop.
    I know there's a chance he could get a senior England call up soon but it's not guaranteed.
    His pb scores so far have been impressive at a 112 average but I'm not sure he can sustain his current price. Then again if he starts tonight and puts in another good performance he could increase even more and if he scores.......
    Basically he's gone up a lot more than I expected and I'm considering selling.

  • @BlayneB … he played well...against 10 men lower level team!! But saying that, he will definitely start tonight.

  • I don’t hold but if I was you I’d wait till he scores his 1st goal, it’s only a matter of time with his long range shooting

  • He's done well so far. I'd say the profit you've made is great!
    His price may well drop soon - he's gone up nicely and there will be a point where people cash in on that. So it depends whether you want to jump on that profit bandwagon now, or hold out longer where perhaps he makes some appearances for England, plays well for Newcastle and goes up more. Obviously that's only one potential scenario for him...

  • Could totally go one way or the other, I don't hold cos am the most pessimistic nufc supporter ever, mind I've suffered long enough. All I can do is hope and pray that we have the next Toni Kroos in the making :)

  • @gball1975 you think he'll definitely start? He's after starting and playing 90 minutes in about 7 games on the trott.
    I'm not questioning his talent in the real football world I think he's on his way to being a proper box to box midfielder who can do it all.
    It's just that apart from being an English talent and possibly a good pb player I don't know if he has enough to avoid a drop. Or is that enough to keep his value in this market?

  • His price seems a little crazy, but he isn't the type of player people are buying expecting goals... so he isn't the type to have a sudden crash during in-play (I hope). So whilst his price is high, I actually expect it to increase even up to £3.50 or more, in line with any other young English player with a chance of England call up and subsequent inevitable transfer a year or two from now.

    I think tonight is a tough match, but still expect a solid 100+ from Longstaff, on a night that could see some very low PB scores.

    He is in the top200 now so another MOTM performance will start to induce some media buzz.

  • @BlayneB … I think he'll start yeah! And I'm not trying to bump him up as I don't even own any shares in him.

  • Wouldn't be surprised to see him rise to £4 in this market. If he scores tonight then god knows. He will definitely start and I recommend for everyone to watch how he plays. It's unreal how disciplined and mature he is for only a handful of prem games.

  • @El-Marko89 off to watch him now,,,,

  • @El-Marko89 Yes very continental style too - he's really languid and has great intelligence in terms of positioning....keeps the ball ticking over like a young Xavi! Composure of an experienced International too.

    Probably not what a lot of people envisage due to his name, face, nationality :)

  • @Vespasian32 spitting dab of Kroos

  • still rocketing, another 25p in last hour or so. What's encouraging is that i'm pretty much fixed to the activity monitor, and with all these buys im not seeing any sells.

    So no one is getting cold feet at having made such quick profit.

    I've seen several users stocking up - not massive holds but 4-5 users have circa 500 shares each. If they are part of a group, that could be another player with a potential 25p drop for no reason. So just beware, especially if they time it with the match, not to panic and sell unless you have good reason to.

  • have to admit taking profit from mine I think he has great potential but I got 400 at £1.43 on ipo day cashed between £3.10-£3.15

  • yeah the dump has begun down 10p very quickly. I'm going to hold, think he carries on strong later.

  • im sure he will go £3.50+ in a couple weeks I will buy back in if he drops

  • ive done next to no flipping of players but the last 48 hours or so just had to try and see if I could make it work

  • As a NUFC fan I would love to say his price is fair, but realistically it doesn’t stack up for me.

    When you consider other more proven midfielders available at cheaper price, such as Goretzka.

    Can’t help feel it’s the young England bubble, which will undoubtedly crash once he has one bad game or comes off injured in a game.

    Obviously I hope I’m wrong and hope he becomes a world class player we can build a team around

  • @AdyH any update on wether he's starting or not? He went up 20p since I put the thread up but he jumped back down 20p since.

  • @AdyH you mentioned Goretzka who is my second largest hold after sancho and my most frustrating. I cant understand his price being as low as it is he should be up there with kimmich, alcantara and kroos as his playing style very similar to them and well suited to pb but no. He feels like my most exciting hold and very much most undervalued.

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