Top long term investments

  • So who do you think will be a great long term investment? I am leading with Griezmann and Morata for now as can see both being £6-7+ players if (or when) they come to the Prem. Suarez a good shout too IMO, also value in players like Dybala & Higuain, surprised that Benzema is so cheap also - makes me wish I had more free ££ to invest!

  • Naymar combines buzz potential with performance buzz so looks ideal for the new format. Has the occasional price spike as well when there's some silly romours about him which there will be.

    Someone like Bolletti will be a decent long-term investment although probably not yet. Price will drop (assuming he doesn't move this summer) once the season starts which will be the time to buy. Decent performanc buzz prospect and wont stay at Torino for the rest of his career so the rumours will be back.

    I've taken a punt on Sandro - defence is where its at for the performance buzz as far less competition. Plays in Italy which doesn't clash with England, in a very good defence and plays like a winger. Linderlof for the name and again defence is where you should be looking if targetting perforemance buzz.

    Rashford should come good if you are prepared to wait. Was once at £5 when it was 5p buzz.

    Once the season starts, wait for someone to get injured, their price to crash and then swoop.

  • @NewUser63020 Yes keeping an eye on injuries is a very good shout! I dont know what Kane did value wise when he was out for 3 months or so last season, anyone know? There is massive value in 1-4 month views!


  • Definitely Griezman. I'm certain he will be signed by United next season at which point he will be £7.50 again. Buying money if you are prepared/can afford to wait it out.

    Others I would say (safe houses), Neymar, Bale, Rashford, Alli, Jesus, Kante, De Bruyne, Kane, Sane, Mane....
    I think anyone who is not in danger of being relegaed will be a good long term hold to be honest.
    Ones with potential for massive long term profits, but more risky I would say Dolberg, Brandt, Pulisic and Dembele (Dortmund one)

  • Defenders for the opta. There are only about 40 defenders and goalkeepers combined so the good ones could easily win 5+ opta buzzes over a season, which is around 20-30% return on investment. It's only a matter of time before they increase

  • Re Kane

    When he was injured last season, his price dropped reasonably sharply (by about 50p or something) but receovered reasonably quickly. The market as a whole inflated so by the time he was fit, his price was a lot higher than when it was pre-injury.

    PB changes things quite a bit though. With more dividends (that require the player to actually play - an injured player can still get media) I think people will be more likely to dispose of injured players now.

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