The new iPhone app and dividends

  • Hi guys,

    The new app shows the dividends return for each player. Are these divs this particular player has ever earned OR are these the divs based off the current amount of futures held in that particular player?

    Example - If I sold all but 1 Paul Pogba would it still show £500 dividends or will it show £5 being the amount earned by the future I still hold?

  • @NewUser76263 Unfortunately it will still say £500. Which is a bit annoying, in my opinion.

  • @Willie-Mink thanks. What do you think will happen if you sold all of that player but then bought him again down the line. Reckon it will show £500 then as well?

  • The whole website needs updating badly so more stats can be seen in more areas, need to be able to look at football team squads, international squads etc, needs an upgrade very soon.

  • It also doesn't include G&A dividends either which is a shame

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