100% ROI in 11 days

  • Last night Longstaff reached an amazing 360p, I decided to wait until the dust settled b4 posting this, but he took 11 days to double in price, that's the beauty of finding a player on the rise that's around 150p, obviously you can't do that with top end players, amazing amount of luck and a wee bit of skill involved (timing is everything)

    Anyone else with something similar recently??

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  • showoff ;)

  • Have you sold him yet

  • @Tom77 nope, why would I sell mate??

  • @Andy-M said in 100% ROI in 11 days:

    @Tom77 nope, why would I sell mate??

    Because its only a matter of time before he drops imo.
    I don't see him getting in the england squad either he hasn’t played enough.
    Players in his position are miles cheaper like henderson , dier.

  • @Andy-M said in 100% ROI in 11 days:

    @Tom77 nope, why would I sell mate??

    Because there is no true return on your investment until you have sold?

  • Well done. I'd take that profit and find the next one, always players to find on the up, keep the ROI moving.

  • Whether he sells now or tomorrow or in a few weeks time when he does/does not get in the England squad - I say Well Done @Andy-M

    Might not hit the magical 100% ROI when he does decide to sell, but there's going to be a fat slice of profit on that trade regardless.

    Call it luck or skill or whatever you want. Well Done regardless 👍

  • I bought 75 at 1.50, sold at 2.20, bought back in with 100 at 2.42 sold half my holding last night at 3.52. Keeping 50 shares as I think he will float between £3-£4 for the time being.

  • Thanks for the opinions guys, think I'll take a risk and hold on to him, what's the worst that can happen?? Drops 50p and I'm still 70% profit, although I believe he'll increase in price, difficult to compare with others as mentioned like Dier and Henderson, this is a 19 year old local boy with a hell of a lot of hype surrounding him, time will tell 💪🏻

  • @Andy-M said in 100% ROI in 11 days:

    on, this is a 19 year old local boy with a hell of a lot of hype surrounding him, time will tell 💪🏻

    Bold decision to hold when you've made 100% on him - What value would you be willing to sell at?

    Can't see him ever becoming a regular dividend returner so I assume you have a capital appreciation value in mind.

  • @Andy-M Thats a good trade, clearly read the market well after seeing how Declan Rice took off a few weeks back.

    To me he looks a little more box to box than other holding midfielders and seems to get in a few more attacking positions which has helped his price.

    If I was you though I would lock in some of the profit and move it on. Realistically where does he go from here? cant see him turning into a £5 player and seems to have settled at a fair level all things considered.

    Decent trade though, make it a great one by cashing in the profit (or some of it)

  • @Wilba the only problem with taking the profit is where to put £400, you can't do a lot with that right now, I don't like buying less than 100 futures at a time.
    I believe personally that he's got more value than Rice, all be it Rice is overpriced, my plan was to keep and see what happens after the SS, he'll be say 85p and if he bangs in a goal here and there I'm sure the pundits will be hyping him up more, he'll probably make his England U21 debut against Germany which could also get tongues wagging 😁

    Ps. If i see another opportunity then I'll possibly change tactic and sell.

  • @Andy-M you sound like me and struggle to have a cash balance. It burns a hold in my pocket and I get itchy fingers.

    I want to have some cash ready to go on the 18th though incase they change the look of dividends

  • @Wilba yes and no, have £100 in my balance, just have nothing that interests me now.

  • Well done. Play the long game with him, im sure in 12 months he will be worth more than now

  • @Andy-M You da Man

  • @Andy-M sell half and keep the other "free" futures

  • Buy low sell high

    Pumpkin futures .....Buy in early September sell in late October

    Then with your profits do a quick flip on Firework futures.....selling on the 04th November

    Then with your profits lump it all on Turkey futures (the bird not the country) then sell on 24th Dec

    With all the profits buy something both useful and practical like a small horse or a Labrador and then start the process again in Early September the following year.

    After you have repeated this process for 20 years you will have accumulated enough Horses/Labradors to be able think about starting up your own empire and I for one will welcome our new overlord.

  • @Andy-M I brought him on ipo day at £1.39 but seeing as it’s my first month actually on the app I haven’t got much money in the index atm started with £100 now up to £300 but luckily brought 20 of him. I sold off 5 of him last night before the game as I thought there would be a massive sell off after the match so took abit of profit from him. Unsure if to hold now and see where he goes from here 🤣

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