James Garner

  • Where is James Garner, will he be added today if hes on bench or starting?

  • Imagine the feeding frenzy... reckon he would be £10 within the hour and then a load of people crying in their soup wondering why they got involved, and some very rich robots.

  • No, he'll be added at some point with other IPO's. Just keep an eye on the Football Index blog and eventually we'll see some new players.
    Just be aware that they'll put him up at a certain price but you won't get him for that - there are a load of bots that buy at that price so expect to pay more.

  • I hold Chong but can't see any youngster starting to be honest - as much as Ole has mentioned youth he hasn't shown he fully trusts any of them, wouldn't surprise me if one of Young or Perieira were pushed further forward to deal with vacant forward spot.

    Think the line up will be something like;


    Chong, Gomes & Garner on the bench but only one of them is likely to feature unless we are cruising - Palace are no mugs.

  • Just to be a little more helpful, here are the IPO's tomorrow: https://footballindex.news/thursday-28th-february-2019-ipos/

  • @SgtSnowman if it was down to jut talent and potential IRL, then I would expect Dominik Szoboszlai to blow up in the next year, as he joined Salzburg and he's really highly talked about and there's the potential for to make the much trodden route to RB Leipzig which is known for their development of young talent. At 0.9 a share he could be an absolute steal, also considering he's a CM/CAM, his PB scores should be good when he's in a PB league like the bundesliga of course. But knowing the FI market and their tendencies to over hype English players, I wouldn't be surprised if Tyler Roberts gets the most hype/attention even though he's a bench player in a championship team, same goes for Danial James.

  • One for the older viewers.


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