Manchester United & Englands: James Garner

  • 17 year old, English, James Garner, made his debut for Manchester United tonight.

    Said to be a Carrick style player, deep playing midfielder.

    Don't think he's listed on here but should be an exciting IPO.

  • A prime Michael Carrick would’ve been £1.50 max.

    Garner will most likely not get anywhere near his level so should be around £4 - Index Logic.

  • @Chris-J his IPO will probably be high enough to get into the top 200. Still, he now has more PL minutes than Greenwood and Chong so maybe we should be mentioning him on the next £20 player thread?

  • when does he IPO???

    This guy will easily be the next £20 player within 4 hours of the announcement!!!! if FI are clever they will make sure they do it today (looks like pay day week according to the rises)...

    Move over Paul Pogba!!!

    Saw his heatmap on whoscored and one touch in the left back area means i'm sure he'll go very far indeed!

    Next Denis Irwin perhaps????

    I'll go £5.65 by Friday!!!!!

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