Anybody else still holding Ronaldo?

  • My biggest loss at the moment. I was stubborn and refused to give in and sell when everyone else did. As i thought about the long game but then really thinking about it he's been declining ever since and is currently 2.50 down per future for me and long game for him is in truth his price will never get that high again but will certainly win mb/pb

    My thought was to hold til next CL game hoping a great performance and dumping Atletico out of the CL may boost his price, but unlikely to be anything more than 50p-£1 increase. And i really dont see him rising much after the split. I feel there is more money to be made from another player and I'm positive I can re-coupe my losses elsewhere. I'm sure he will score a few divs but it wont balance out the loss hes making for me at the moment.

    Anybody else still holding, will be interesting to know why and when your going to sell.

  • Holding, but cant see him rising, Juve will go out CL shortly and his divs aint that great any more.

    Worth keeping to the share split and the inevitable influx of new users to make your money back

  • I think i was one of the first to get out after he moved to Juve and despite the odd early media win i missed out on i can't say i'm unhappy as he's dropped slowly ever since..

    I would however be keen to hold until after the share split as £7.61 divided by 4 (or £1.90 a share) could see his price become a lot more attractive to new investors, especially as the season progresses. Never right him off for a buzz win especially with his goalscoring record!!!

  • Currently stacking enough in dividends to offset my inevitable loss.
    Hopefully I get enough before the split as it's a significant amount and I'm hoping for 3 new additions who'll rise.
    Failing that I hope Dannypea is right....Bet I lose the week before and then he flies and wins a div lol

  • Held Romeu for 12 months.
    Price doesn't move a penny and he's anonymous.
    Bit the bullet and IS'd.
    Romeu wins a dividend the following week !!!

  • Wait until SS and wait for noobs to buy and then get rid 😂👍💷

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