Daniel James

  • Any thoughts on Dan James, gone up a fair amount since he came on the market. Any more room to grow?
    Been playing well for swansea and has got potential. Leeds transfer fell through in January. Surely more teams will be looking in the summe.

  • If you didn't get on already I would let the dust settle. Tends to be very up and down after the IPO. Remember tomorrow people will be able to IS him and take their nice profit swiftly.

  • @Vespasian32 Thank you. Very good point, think im just getting caught up as I watch him play regularly. Too sentimental haha.

  • I have watched him a few times for Swansea this season and he has impressed me every time. He will be a Premier League player next season when he is sold this summer

  • Great long term I hold, his pace alone will kill teams. And still very cheap at £1.90

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