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  • I'm only a week in to FI but have so far got a profit of 5.84% mainly due to 2 players (Sancho, Hudson-Odoi). I'm holding 16 players in total, only 3 in the red who I do believe will increase.

    My worry is that I might be relying too much on Pogba/ Sancho. I wanted to test things for a week or so and intend on putting some more money in probably on Monday next week.

    What blend of MB/ PB winners vs future prospects would you suggest?

    Current Portfolio is;

    Lukebakio - can see him getting a move to the PL
    Wilmot - cheap, good player who I can see playing regularly in PL next season
    Doucoure - will be surprised if he doesn't get sold in the summer
    Sancho - general hype/ England call up
    Cornet - possible transfer to PL
    Pogba - general hype
    Batshuayi - good form for palace would see his value rise/ transfer speculation etc
    Hudson-Odoi - England call up, Chelsea regular next season? (seems slightly overpriced to me)
    Kane - back from injury, can see him scoring/ increasing in value
    Jiminez - possible summer transfer
    N. Chalobah - very cheap, struggling to get into the watford team due to injury but potential England call up in the summer/ gradually becoming a first team regular
    Wesley - scoring goals for Club Brugge - possible PL speculation
    Calhanoglu - I feel like he will get a move/ speculation/ generally a decent player
    Ondrej Duda - decent stats/ good value, should increase?
    Abrahaham - I see him in the PL next season or next. young English player

    Any advice would be appreciated.

  • Good picks - the only one I don't rate, and don't understand your logic is N Chalobah. Can't get in the Watford team but you think there will be an England call up round the corner? He isn't a kid anymore... should be in the team consistently if he is going to cut it. Can see him being a yo-yo player as the best teams in the champ look to loan or buy him.

    Lukebakio, I believe, is on loan from Watford and looks very good. So move to PL is guaranteed (when loan runs out) it's whether or not they keep him in the squad will be interesting. In a way I think his PB potential is a lot higher staying in Germany or moving to Serie A for a season

  • @Vespasian32

    The reason I've picked Chalobah is that Southgate seems to rate him - he's been out injured for the past couple of months so I think the delay to getting back into the team is due to that. I have faith ;-)

  • I think youth and MB are higher risk due to inflated prices and uncertainty around future dividend restructures.

    60%-80% PB,
    10%-20% MB,
    10-20% Youth

    Of those listed I'm holding Kane and Calhanoglu.

    The risk involved with transfer speculation is as follows :
    Other investors will also be speculating, which inflates the price of said individual (as with Doucoure). However the speculative price will typically start to reflect a move to a top club, if they move to a club lower down you're stuck with a long term hold on a long term contract.
    Good examples are Jonny Evans and Max Meyer - Both rumored to sign for Arsenal they ended up at Leicester and Palace, 9 months later their prices have not recovered.

    My advice would be to profit from the speculation, if it's something you enjoy, but get out early at the beginning of the transfer window.
    Good examples from the last summer window are Alderwereild and Grealish, talk about moves to Utd & Tottenham went on right to the last day. Prices had gone up and though they did gain some MB, I'm not sure it would have been enough to cover the drop in value that comes in September. It's about timing.
    Risk can be minimized by getting out early, perhaps when the window opens, from there it gets busy, a lot of FI users will be monitoring moves ready to act instantly, so you need to be doing likewise if you choose to engage throughout the window.

  • Welcome to Fi, your in for a great journey.

    Looks like your looking to profit from holding a lot of players until the summer and next season but I would be questioning are you making any money between now and then? some of those players may score you in-play divs for the next 30 days, but that we have an international break coming up so you may be missing out on 2 weeks of that. most of your players are decent for the reasons you stated as well!

    relying too much on Pogba, Sancho is a risk in one way and the other. Pogba will probably continue to get mb before end of season maybe even summer if the transfer reports start again. Sancho is rising massively recently with people investing before the share split and for the future, but there is no guarantee he's going to keep rising. I see both rising after share split.

    your doing the right thing in saying testing for a week, maybe test for a bit more or test a few methods that work for you. what works for me might not work for you but I've divided my port now into 4; div players, long term holds, goal/assist players and players for speculation with summer transfers. has been working for me, had 2 weeks of red but still in profit for the month.

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