Too good to be true?

  • Hello fellow indexers!

    I have only been using this platform for 2 and a half weeks now and have seen a 2.5% ROI already. It seems every time I click on the app I keep going up!

    Could somebody try and help me keep my feet on the ground because my head keeps getting carried away with the amazing potential of the index. The community is super friendly and helpful too I can’t believe I didn’t get into this sooner but very glad I am here now.

    My portfolio is:
    Jack Clarke
    Bryan Gil
    Lewis Cook

    I’ve tried to diversify between experienced players who will score high in PB and MB with some youngsters who I believe have great potential.

    Would love to hear any thoughts on it or any questions :)

    Thanks for reading guys

  • That's a very good starting portfolio in my opinion, and glad that you see early gains from diversification

  • You're doing it totally the right way. If you expect a minimum of 2-3% gains per month in this growing phase (without trading), you should be happy as it will likely be more - and you've been here in a relatively flat period so far.

    Most people who've been here the last few months have been averaging nearer 8% a month (if you include the huge growth in Dec/Jan), and the most consistent way of achieving that is diversification.

    Many expect another growth spurt in Mar/Apri due to the share split, and expected publicity and possibly dividend increases.

  • great portfolio, good mix! what's your plan for next couple of months?

  • How many shares do you hold in these players currently?

  • Remember 2% commission too if you were to sell at current price to market (which in itself isn't always easy).

    I really like your portfolio, well done and good luck.

  • I joined 7 days ago and my profits are already at 4.87 percent.

    My portfolio consists of:
    Timo Werner
    Luka Jovic
    Raheem Sterling
    Hudson Odoi
    Ibrahima Konate
    Dedoncker ( Wolves player )

    Can’t get over how much less risky this seems than normal betting but at the same time not really sure what might happen to my shares in the future.

  • Good looking portfolio, keep going, FI is the best decision gambling wise I’ve made, I’ve been trading for about 5 weeks and averaging a return of 5%.

  • This is the bizarre thing. I've made £600 ish in the last couple of months, all with not too much time investment and low risk. I show my friends my stats and they are amazed and impressed, yet have no desire to join. And they will keep fluttering away £20 every day on traditional bets.

  • @kristiang85 I haven’t had a conventional bet since joining FI, id rather lump on here now 👍

  • @kristiang85 haha similar for me... I even set one of them up an account, put £10 in plus referral and bought one pogba at 18.90 something... In that time he has one MB several times and pb mi/star and scored and got assists and risen nearly £ his £10 is now worth something like £24.50 having bought one share (plus referral)... And I found out he has withdrawn it cos its too risky and he doesn't have time!!! Time for what he did nothing!!

    I think the concept is hard to grasp and that initial barrier is putting in a sizeable amount and seeing it rise.... Then you are hooked.

  • @jayteedubayoo I’m in the same sort of boat been using the app for about 3 weeks now and my return is at 13.91% I obv don’t expect it to keep rising like this I think I got lucky with Longstaff and sancho but I think diversifying is the best route I’ve also got some big losses along with my big profits like 50p on each Gabriel Jesus but he’s a long hold for me so I’m not too worried about it but yeah I’m good to see your in profit

  • I've been on here 3-4 weeks now, total of £300 put in (I know its a minimal amount compared to most) and up by 5% which includes a hit of nearly £1 per share of VJ. I have a fairly steady portfolio of young players (oldest being 23 years) which I am only expecting to get better. I just can't make up my mind who to put the next chunk of money on or top up what I have.

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