Could do with some help & advice as i've just started, Thanks

  • I Bought 2x Aguero on wednesday 11:30am,
    he scores wed night, but his value was down come thursday morning?
    Could someone please advise,

  • @NewUser128170 you need to think of any purchase as a 3 year bet than can return dividends during that time.

    What is it about what he achieved yesterday that makes him more valuable than the day before?

    I cant think of anything, hes a very good player whos getting towards the end of his career - hes scored GWG but didnt compete for dividends, its coming towards the end of the season where he will return close to nothing over the summer.

    There is nothing that he did that would make me buy now compared to yesterday, if I held id be more included to think about selling before the summer - that might be why he dropped.

    Dont get me wrong, not saying hes a bad buy. City could win the title and champs league and he may return a few divs along the way but you need to get into the mind of other traders and do what they are going to do before they have done it to maximise profits.

  • Thanks, but obviously scoring a goal makes him more valuable or am i missing something here?

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