Depositing problems

  • Since the update on the app, every time I deposit money it doubles the amount I’m requesting.

    For example, I tried to deposit 77.35 to get 5 sanchos but once it said it had been completed my balance was £154.70 so I’ve had to withdraw the extra 77.35 but now have to wait 2-5 days to get it.

    Anyone else having the same problem and if so is there anyway to stop it or will I just have to put half the amount I want in and let it just double my request?

    Thanks in advance

  • I've had this issue too! Seems to only be when depositing on the app (once took 3x what I wanted to deposit). Did it on the PC and worked fine

  • I had the same issue this morning, first time this has happened, Something else FI need to sort out @administrators

  • Happened to me this morning. I just hope nobody needs that extra cash for something like paying a bill or debt.

  • @NewUser87483 can't believe it's still happening today - there really should have been an official communication / warning from FI by now.

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