Ondrej Duda

  • 10 goals in 22 for a mid-table team in the bundesliga, seems like quite a nice little player at 24. @1.59 what do people think??

  • Try to watch most of his games when I can, I hold quite a bit of futures in him. Unreal player and them stats from midfield show what a talent he is, he's struggled to stay with the first team at times due to injury, but he seems to be over that now, and is in amazing form. I'd say yes mate @Hwilbzz07 , you got any?

  • Really like this player, I’ve have held 100 shares since the start of the season.
    He has hit highs of £2.12 per share before the German winter break. So he has plenty of growth left in him.
    I would recommend buying shares in this guy if you haven’t already.

  • His price graph tells the story really. Started the season in fire then had a dip. Hitting some form again.

    I'd say he's under priced but not sure how high he can go at Hertha.

  • @JH yes holding 10 futures atm, which i know may not be a lot but am only a small investor currently just below 100 pound port

  • Yep I've got a smallish holding in him that I expect to grow. One of the good value holds in Germany I feel.

  • I like Duda, I didn't know anything about him before watching one of Hertha's games just after the winter break but saw him play, viewed his impressive stats and thought I'd found a bit of a gem.

    The point someone else made about him being constrained by being at a club like Hertha is a point well made, but I don't think it's unreasonable to predict bigger clubs coming in for him during the summer. By which I obviously don't mean Barca, Juve, City or PSG... more like Dortmund, Inter, Sevilla, Spurs, Atletico, Leverkusen etc.

  • Owned him for 4 months and finally IS ‘d and made a small loss a few weeks ago, just wasn’t moving, even scoring a goal.

    Doesn’t look like Hertha will make a european spot either.

    If he had a move in the summer to a club in euro competition I might get him back.

  • @gloryhornet88 Yeah I agree, I'm not depositing more atm, but might sell off a few of my holds and invest in him

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