3 year rule

  • Hi just wanted some more information on the 3 year rule. What happens after the 3 years to your futures?

    When it's close to the 3 year period will we get a warning message or something like that? Would be good if something could be added so we can track when the future expires

  • I doubt we'll get a warning as the whole idea of the 3 year scenario would be FI hoping and praying on a bit of negligence so they can claw back some funds from a forgetful user? I don't mind them doing this, I've set up a spreadsheet with expiry dates and sell prices so i can monitor my portfolio so probably the best idea is to have a strategy in mind on how long you intend on keeping each future? Or for what price you'll be willing to sell them at?

  • The Ts & Cs state that it's the buyers responsibility to be aware of the end date so I'm almost certain there won't be any warning. I'd suggest keeping an excel sheet of when you purchase a player unless in 3yrs time you want the hassle of going back through all your transactions. However as FI is only 2 years old there is no definite answer yet.

  • Tbh I don't see this ever being an issue. 3 years is a very long time for a footballer so I think the chance of a position being held for that long intentionally is slim

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