Jadon Sancho - The New Messi??

  • Hey Guys

    Sancho....we have seen him run, pass, score, produce skill on the ball and he has a football brain, does this make him as close to Messi as you can get?? and he is only 18 !!

    His price has shot up almost £5 in one month !!, for those who are looking for a profitable investment before or after the Share Split then this is the kid to choose....

    Let's hear other opinions on Sancho and let us know who he reminds you of....



  • He reminds me more of a young Ronaldo than Messi tbf

  • Not a fair comparison. Messi is the best of all time and a regular div returner.

    I see Sancho is finally dropping a bit. Those lack of divs catching up with him? I do hold some by the way.

  • Yeah i agree hes more like ronaldo was. He has that same desire to show the world how good he is instead sitting waiting on his chance to emerge

  • @Hotspur just seen the sell off start too. I think it's people selling off to realise the profit.
    Dortmund are away at Augsberg tomorrow, 4th from bottom, so it's likely any drops from today will recover tomorrow - if he scores too he'll go crazy again so I'll hold for now.
    Bought at £9 so there's a fair bit of leeway for me

  • Sancho really needs to win PB tonight to demonstrate that his FI hype and high price is justified.

    Very little competition, so he should be there or there abouts.

    Messi would win easily on a night like tonight.

  • Wow, that was shit from Sancho and Dortmund.

  • @ocs123

    Sounds like someone missed the Sancho Train or alighted at sixpoundsville


  • @Advinculas-Index to be fair, he's not wrong. Very poor tonight. Same again Tuesday please😁

  • interesting discussion on twitter about him today (or was it yesterday?) there were some messi comparisons going on as it happens. Don't know about that, but @PB-man has certainly called a winner from a long way off, that's for sure.

  • It was a wake-up call for Dortmund when they were spanked by Spurs, although hailed as the best team in Germany. Sancho was the best player on the pitch in the 1st half but was marshalled out in the 2nd. Yesterday he was terrible. It's a wake-up call for FI as he's not ready to take Messi's throne. I bought him @6.19 so I'm sitting on a £900+ profit (if I sell of-course). No chance! He's a long-term hold for me.

  • @Hotspur

    He was crap tonight to be fair, but the the entire team were , he's only 18 he not going to become the next Messi there probably wont be a player for the next 50 years that falls into that category.
    However he has the potential to become one of England's greats over the next 10 years.

    I got him at £6 so he's Long term hold for me as well....
    TBF he doesnt seem to have dropped by much on the back of last night.

  • @Advinculas-Index The fact that Sancho is getting a lot of the blame for the poor performance (despite contributing to the goal) shows how far he has come. At 18 he's the guy that's looked to when Dortmund need a win and takes stick when they don't.

  • @PB-man he contributes to nearly every goal dortmund score the kid is a phenomenon. You could compare him to ronaldo in so many ways and this is another because people see him as the main man at dortmund much like when it was ronaldo versus whichever team he was playing its now becoming sancho versus( insert team here)

  • @Black-wolf Hmm I'm not sure about the Ronaldo comparison. At the same age they were incredibly different players.

    CR7 was all about tricks, long shots, flair at that stage and his decision making needed a lot of work before he became the player he is/was. Also so much work on weaker areas of his game (heading being the biggest example).

    Sancho is an odd young player since he already makes decisions like a veteran player (usually the last skill to be developed) but needs to work on that little bit extra to unlock packed defences. I'm struggling to think of a comparable player at the same stage.

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  • @PB-man yeah id agree with that. What i mean is they both carried the world on their shoulders at a young age and embraced it. He does score goals but seems more inclined to create on the pitch but has similar flair hes a joy to watch

  • @Tom77 Yeah it's odd because young forwards pretty much always take too many shots and need to pick their head up and pass more. Sancho actually should be more selfish and shoot more often which is not something you say regularly.

  • @Tom77

    There aren’t any which is good imo, makes him stand out.

    Hence his price and why i think he has the potential to be a huge media magnet and likely the future king of the index

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