Where will Luka Jovic end up?

  • Not such a good riser, only raising 50p in the last month but on the upside he was as low as £3.77 back 3 months ago....

    He is linked with Chelsea, Man City, Barcelona, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich in recent weeks but where will he end up?

    I think if he goes to Barcelona or Real Madrid then he will just end up as a Malcolm or a Kaka (a bit harsh due to injuries but you would expect more from a record signing, it pretty much ruined his career).

    If he moves to the PL then he could be a regular top goalscorer like Henry or Kane......and a move to Bayern would also increase his chance of being a top player, replacing Lewandowski eventually.

    Let's hear you views on Jovic, where do you think he will end up and is it worth investing?



  • I think he'd suit City's style, but surely Aguero and Jesus means they're sorted.

  • Rotating with Suarez at Barca - although mainly on the bench there preparing for the 2020 season to be the main man.

  • Thought a barca deal was already done?

  • @Finlay77 Think that was a white lie put out there by his agent to begin all this interest going on from all the top clubs and it's certainly worked so far.

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