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  • Does anybody think that rather open up MB to all players, they may expand the top 200 to a top 500 instead, with slight increases in divs to match?

  • @NewUser36408

    Out of curiosity, what’s your thinking behind that?

    Personally, I can’t imagine anybody priced 501st or beyond winning MB anyway so for ease and simplicity, FI may as well just open it up to the entire market.

  • I agree with the OP. Obviously the top 200 is somewhat outdated as the index has expanded massively, so keeping to top 500 rather than the whole index will keep that exclusively somewhat within proportion. It will also help control the manual adjustments needed, which I think happen?

  • @HLD178 if you look at somebody like Hugo lloris, I'd imagine he sits outside the top 500 yet he would have got a lot of attention this week, same with caballero.

    I've just heard a lot about expansion for all players, but for me it needs to be exclusive and 500 has a sort of stockmarket sound to it

  • I like this suggestion.

    In the past we've seen players like Luke Shaw (who went over £3) pushed into the top 200 and win media dividends.

    I think this past week pushing Kepa and Loris up over £2 wasn't really feasible, the jump is too great so there wasn't much of a response in the community - Kepa up around 10p.

    However opening it to the top 500 would pretty much include everyone who really should be eligible at the top level, even if they need a small bump to push up into the top 500 when they are getting coverage as would typically be the case for the keepers and some older players.

  • I completely understand what you’re both saying but in reality, the headlines would’ve read ‘Kieran Trippier Own Goal Horror’ or ‘Kieran Trippier Hands Chelsea Victory’ and Lloris would’ve been merely mentioned in the articles (not the headlines).

    I wouldn’t envisage him getting as much MB coverage due to Trippier’s error as you might first think.

  • Last pod cast with Mr Cole he said no plans for big changes no PB for GK and keep MB to top 200

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