Football index (legends mode)

  • Which player from past or present would be top of index with the users it has today. Different positions but I had a go,
    Thierry Henry
    Original Ronaldo
    Beckham (Media king)

    I could go on.....I can't choose the top .midfielder defender striker winger....

  • Gazza would drink up all the MB

  • Maradona for MB and PB!

  • @Sebastian well I didn't exactly have a go I was just thinking about the great players and couldn't stop typing because we were spoilt in the past. Messi and Portugese Ronaldo in their prime would of been top 2 for yearssss.

  • @Sebastian
    Gaza good shout, George Best

  • Cantina definitely needs to be on this list, and fairly highly too!
    I’d put Beckham at the top, as we can see with Pog, media and a few assists trumps pure talent on FI

  • Beckham would be a media dream !

  • i would of said George Best, a wizard on the pitch and the first 'footie personality' off it.
    Would of been penalised by PB as he would of scored nowt for his dribbles !!!

  • Beckham £30. Media every non-matchday.

  • I wonder why no one has taken these older players and run a few of there greatest matches and seen what they’d have scored on the scoring system

  • Beckham would still be getting the odd media win if we could buy him today 😂

  • @Boing-Boing He'd have scored 50 goals a season with the protection modern players get.

    Always loved that clip when Ron 'chopper' Harris tries to clean him out and he just shrugged him off before rounding the keeper to score.

    This one


  • Micheal Owen

  • Iniesta and xavi would clean up pb with their passing and goals.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Tom77
    Couldn’t agree more but they wouldn’t be young English ‘talent’ so would probably be about £3 per share 😂

    I think the most expensive player in history would be Beckham, as mentioned above, would own the MB and would pick up some PB also. In the current market he would probably be £25.. but would cause a drop in value for Pogba and Neymar as they have less MB potential

    Personally would have liked to have held someone like Asprilla, one week he would be PB god, the next the worst player on the index! Would result for some good value

  • Cafu, Pirlo, Seedorf, Giggs, Shearer, Cruff, Hullit, Cannavero, Beckanbaur, Charlton, Lahm, Rush, Dalgish, Zola, Totti, Baresi, Barnes, Linaker, Jairzinho, Zico, Baggio, Viera, Keane, Garrincha, Rumennigge, Del Piero to add a few more

  • French league is the gold mine so an early Ronaldinho would be a huge PB shout and even an MB shout in the Beckham era.

    Pavel Nedved and Pirlo would have done fun PB scores.

    And the worst would have been Freddy Adu. Could have hit £15.00 at 14 years old and at 29 and arguably in his prime he is playing for Las Vegas Lights! His club list is hilarious by the way, since Benfica B I've heard of none of them!

  • Frank Lampard would be a PB god

  • Jimmy Greaves would have been king of IPD/G&A.

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