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  • @Ericali said in Pedro Guilherme:

    @SambaStar thanks for the post. Is that something you have heard or just personal opinion? 🤔

    Last I heard Fluminense were absolutely skint & looking for a buyer pronto to keep them afloat.

    Yeah, they are having financial trouble. It's also election season (for club presidents). So that could be really telling about what decisions are made. I just think the interested European parties may look to see how he does with a full season, or at least partial one under his belt.

    In fact the latest rumour with legs, is that PEdro would head to Santos once Rodrygo goes to Madrid- currently scheduled for June.

    I'm a big proponent of Brazilian prospects staying in Brazil for as logn as possible. Did Neymar the world of good, Vinicius and Rodyrgo also I imagine. Wehreas the likes of Pato and more recently Paulinho (Leverkusen), the earlier mvoes may prove less fruitful.

    The level of football in Brazil has dropped massively in recent years. So that is one reason it's good to get the out soon and get them up against more consistent defenders....but the flip side is some of these starlets are often made to look a lot better than they ocne would have...

  • Pedroooooo...happy days

  • @SambaStar personally can't see him at Santos or staying in Brazil if he proves his fitness.

    1. Because as I mentioned previously (and you confirmed) Fluminense are skint.

    2. It's going to be a transfer fee of around 25m & Brazilian clubs simply don't pay that sort of cash.

    Think he has around 10 games before the Copa's. If he gets a few goals I can see him in the squad, if he goes Copa's the scouts will be all over the competition.

    This scenario would fit well with the European transfer window being open to 31st August & any perspective buyers should be able to conclude a deal for the start of the new season.

    All if's & but's as he has to score the goals first - but I'll certainly have a beady eye on Fluminense's league games. 😁👌

  • Another sub appearance for him in the cup the other day. He also scored a penalty in the shoot out. Not long before he starts again now.

  • Brazilian league season has kicked off today
    Fluminense (and Pedro) make there bow at 11pm tonight.

    Thinking a place on the bench & come on at 60 mins?

    Or will he start? 🤔 What are like-minded holders thinking?

  • They seem to be pacing his return so I'm not expecting a start. I suspect as you do it will be 30min sub appearance. A lot can be achieved in that time though!

  • Either way, start of regular game time for him. ⚽👍

    Let the links commence for the reigning "Young Brazilian Player of the Year"

    The trains about to depart the station 🚂

  • Goias should be a straightforward game with Flu at home. I expect he will get minutes. I'm quietly hopeful he will actually start....!

  • Only another sub appearance last night but a first goal of the season for Pedro.

  • @Alpilgrim said in Pedro Guilherme:

    Only another sub appearance last night but a first goal of the season for Pedro.

    Yep. He got 29 mins in the first game of the season in their 2-0 home defeat to Goias.

    Last night, despite only seeing 23 minutes of action in the away defeat Vs the mighty Santos, he came onto the pitch to notch Fluminense's first goal of the season & a consolation goal in a 2-1 defeat.


    52 mins played in the comeback, one goal - not a bad ratio! 👍⚽

    Probably set to start the next game or at least get 45 minutes action as the comeback is likely to be stepped up in his bid for the Copa's.

  • Just watched the highlights on YouTube.

    Proper strikers goal, coming between both centre backs & a commanding header to the GK's top right-hand corner. Just what Madrid/Man Utd/Liverpool/Chelsea/Barcelona all need. 😁

  • He fluffed a couple of clear opportunities in the game. But slowly finding his feet. Fluminese are having a bit of a crisis in terms of goalscorers, so I do expect him to start this weekend

  • He didn't start again, but no confidence crisis for Fluminense as they came from 3-0 down to hit Gremio for 5!

    F/T Gremio 4 v Fluminense 5

    Pedro came on with the score poised at 3-3 with 23 minutes remaining & kept his cool to score their 4th goal from the penalty spot to nudge his team ahead for the first time in the match.

    He has played just 75 minutes spread over 3 sub appearances but has managed to score 2 goals! ⚽⚽

    A goal every 37.5 minutes, eat your heart out Messi & Ronaldo 😉

    Another box ticked was the fact he takes penalties for his side, which will help the PB side of his game (when/if transferred) on the football index scoring matrix. 👍


  • @Ericali

    Thanks for the update. They play Saturday, Thursday and then the following Saturday so hopefully a start in one of them!

  • He certainly looked lively and their major threat in the second half. I guess it makes sense to ease him back in. The brazilian football schedule is ridiculous.

  • Thanks for the update @Ericali

  • Next Friday is the announcement of Brazil's Copa America squad.

    Big day for the diary for us Pedro holders - if he's in that squad he will really put himself in the shop window over the summer.

    Big day for VJ holders too - Madrid only have 2 more games before Tite makes the call.

  • VJ and Paqueta should make it.
    I think it's between Richarlison, Gabigol and Pedro for that reserve striker role. Rodrygo has arguably been playing, but still feel he veyr much a youth player for now. But could eb interesting. Tite basically needs to win the tournament to save his job.

  • @SambaStar out of interest who do you think will be first choice striker? 🤔

    Brazil are not exactly blessed with traditional number 9s - they all seem to be wide forwards trying to adapt to play a number 9 role?

  • @Ericali
    Great observation!

    It's the constant debate in Brazilian media right now.
    Tite is a big believer in Jesus' future for that role, but has discussed his frustration of his lack of playing time at City ahead of an international tournement. On paper it's Jesus still I think, but the two friendlies ahead of the Copa will be vital.
    He's a big admirer of Klopp and how he utilizes Firmino in that role and it is something they've tried.
    Don't discount Richarlison either. I think he has a chance of a call up, but can't see a starting role.

    But these are the games Tite and his team will be attending before announcing the squad on the 17th.
    0_1557156270899_Screen Shot 2019-05-06 at 16.22.52.png

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