Son - Stick or twist

  • Dont know whether to hold him or just accept the loss and move on..

  • I sold him last week. His prime opportunity to make money for me was while Kane was out.

  • Stick! We have some huge games coming up and he should star in some of them, including a CL QF (I hope...)

  • I think I'd even buy more to be honest as the price seems to of stabilised. He's a massive player for Spurs. Think Kanes being played too soon which has caused a bit of disruption but Son will play regardless, even when Ali is back.

  • I don’t own but would say stick. Based on stats he should be priced a lot higher and it’s only probably because lack of transfer spec. or media why he isn’t. After the SS he’ll look very cheap

  • STICK!!!! He's a baller!!!

  • just won London footballer of the year! he will bounce back price wise

  • I sold him a few weeks back (and the price hasn't gone up); I love the guy but on here his value was just so stubborn. Maybe he's one to rocket after the SS as he will look astounding value, but if he didn't rocket in his purple patch then I personally can't see it happening.

    I hope I'm wrong though for you guys :)

  • @NewUser260763 I'd sell up mate. I'm a Spurs season ticket holder and i'm telling you now that when Kane plays it hampers Son, he isn't the same player playing second fiddle. He has struggled in the last two games as he does not know where to make his runs, Kane is effectively in his way. He may score the odd goal here and there but he won't impact a game in the way he did whilst Kane was injured.

  • Son is in the prime of his career and should be returning but his PB is poor and MB is nonexistent (4p in total divs ever I think, someone correct me if I'm wrong). £3.70 seems an awful lot for a 26 year old delivering 1% yield.

  • I'm in a similar position where he's getting close to the red but I'll be holding. Spurs very likely to make the CL quarters and if I remember correctly from last year most players will have nice rises before the quarter final match days.

  • I am in the red with Son and see him as a long term hold and without doubt he will rise in value, Son is a good player and should be £5-6. Held the team together when Kane and Alli injured just seems lost like a lot of Spurs players in the last month. Think after SS he will be circu 90p for an experienced Premiership player who has and still does the business on the pitch - bargain.

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