Duplicate Deposit Issue

  • Morning Traders,

    We’ve been working with our engineering team and our payment processor to resolve an issue with duplicate deposits. If you have experienced this issue we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

    We’ve seen this on the new version of the iOS app when users tap the ‘continue’ button on their bank's 3D Secure page in a transaction using their saved card. In the interim we recommend any deposits are made via the website.

    If you have received a duplicate charge, please contact support and we will be able to cancel the transaction. We had initially seen a very small number of users affected, who we responded to directly, however this has grown.

    However, if you have already withdrawn the funds, it will be quicker to receive that withdrawal than to cancel the transactions made in error.

  • Just to clarify... Its not just the charge that was duplicated? You would have also duplicated the deposit?


  • I put 100 in and it turned out it had duplicated and put 200 in.. Oh well... rice and beans for tea for the next 2 week's as there is no way it's coming back out now!

  • Any chance of duplicating my withdrawals??

  • @ocs123 it can be arranged for a small fee

  • Exact same happened to me.. cheeky *****

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