Mario Gotze

  • Only a bit of a newbie and with pay day here this week going to top up my portfolio. One player sticks out to me is Mario Gotze, started last 5 games for Dortmund, mainly playing ST and chipped in with a few goals in what has to be said is their first real bad run of the season. My question is for a 26/27 year old playing in the top team in Germany and being available for only £1.30 seems madness, almost too good to be true? Yes certainly I know the injury problems he has had and that cleary is why his price is what it is, but when you compare him to other strikers in Bundesliga (Haller, Werner, Hazard, Jovic) then he is a fraction of their cost. Again I know these players are itching for big moves and the hype goes with it reflects their price but Reus who he plays with, and is equally as injury prone is more than double his price, even Coman who has had very bad injuries and threatened to retire is again more than double his price. He is in the same price bracket as Aaron Mooy, Will Hughes & Nacho Monreal, surely uncomparable? Gotze is a GWG World Cup Winner only 5 years ago, surely his price is a steal? Or am I badly missing something?

  • @Stewarty hes a great player but when Reus is fit he tends absorb that goal scoring glory from him and then theres alcacer aswell so i think his price is what it is due to the competition for the ST role at dortmund

  • He has had a serious illness also which is probably the main reason, I thought of him for IPD’s but when with Vardy and payet.

  • I have thought about posting about Gotze also. Seem like a no brainier hold at current cost, last week he got his 2nd highest PB score.. all of his other top 5 scores from 2017.

    A lot more value, especially at his age than most of the index IMO... just wish I had a bigger port so I could afford more in him 😂

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