Iwobi too low??

  • He's got the potential to be a superstar so why is his price so low ?

  • superstar is a bold statement.. I do think he represents value at ?£1.45 though..

  • @NewUser286293 wouldn’t say superstar but £1.45 could be seen as cheap he’s prob £3 player max!

  • @NewUser286293 based on what? He doesn't get amazing PB scores, he's not particularly young, he's not English or Brazilian, he doesn't do anything crazy to warrant loads of MB. Happy for you to convince me but not one I've ever looked at and thought he was worth buying.

  • He is also past the hype age so he is just a boring and pointless hold, so many players like that.

    If he played everygame he could be a shout for IPD’S but then there are other cheaper players than him who will start everygame.

  • @Tom77 you mean like nketia and Maitland niles which are both higher in price and have no chance of becoming first team players at arsenal ever if he scores in a win tomorrow he will go up and ppl will take notice he was 2.20 only 4months ago and has had a poor spell but is fast becoming arsenals best attacking midfielder

  • He’s woeful! He’ll be in league one in couple of years

  • @Juno obviously a spurs fan well we shall see

  • @Tom77 at 21 Harry Kane was on loan at QPR so that means little and if you can't see the improvement in he's play under emery in a less than consistent team at the moment and I'm sure he's played more than rashford this season so gets plenty of game time

  • Decent player and has improved this season, only 22, I would say he is fairly cheap.

  • He’s distinctly average. Arsenal is too big a club for him

  • Some strange opinions on this site, hardly surprising though. He isn't a superstar but he isn't rubbish either. Has some very clear qualities and if he can sort out his end product he could become a very good player. Hopefully the bubble bursts with him at some point, like it did with Sterling/Salah at a similar age and he can become more productive in front of goal.

  • @NewUser82416 not strange opinions, just different opinions, and that’s kind of the point of a forum!

    P.S. when a bubble bursts that’s generally considered a bad thing

  • @Coleyscrooge Guessing those opinions are from people that haven't watched him regularly this season, he has improved. I don't hold him on the index and don't plan on it but he is cheap in this current market. In terms of the bubble burst comment, I meant in terms of Iwobi becoming more composed in front of goal, just like Salah/Sterling did at 22/23, maybe I should use the term 'penny drops' next time then.

  • @NewUser286293 yh hes played more than rashford because arsenal don't have seem to have in depth squad so who else can they possibly play...

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