Fekir, Depay, Morata

  • Hi,

    I have fekir, delay and morata who are making me a big big loss atm.

    Are they worth keeping or selling?

    Any advice will be appreciated

    Thanks in advance

  • Keep. They will go back up.

  • I own a few Fekir and also a few Morata, I've watched Lyon a few times this season and Fekir is class - 100% I wouldn't sell him at a loss as he's already been linked to Arsenal and Barcelona and he'll pay you back in performance buzzes alone if you hold him for long enough. Morata's price has fluctuated a fair bit since I've owned him, again I wouldn't sell him at a loss as Chelsea's main striker he's a magnet for media buzz and I'd expect his price to jump towards the WC. Depay I don't own, but he's already won 30p in performance buzz this season (admittedly before big IPO increase) but it included a 240+ score when he hit a hat trick, also United put in a buy-back clause so if he continues to play and develop well he could be back there one day... I'd say be patient :-D

  • Top tip is to ignore the daily price trends and to have in mind a price per future that you need to sell at if one player is losing you money, and an amount you'd happily take if they're making you money. I presume you don't need to sell for at least a couple of years yet?

    For what its worth I wouldn't sell Fekir (instead I would buy), a bit of January gossip over his future might boost his price upwards and if he scores 20+ Ligue 1 goals he'll go in to the World Cup as one of the hottest prospects so by July/August you could be doing very well from him and no doubt plenty of rumours on moves to Arsenal. Depay is not one that tickles my fancy but a good run for Lyon in the Europa League on Thursday nights might win you a couple of PBs from him? The issue is that won't kick off now till Feb and Holland aren't in the WC? Maybe not much movement on his price in 2018 unless he hits top top form again? For Morata, surely he'll score goals once hes fully fit and Chelsea have a lot of games still to play. He should make the Spain WC squad too so definitely worth keeping him for the foreseeable future to see what happens.

  • Thanks everyone for replying.

    I think I know what to do with them.

    Much appreciated

  • @NewUser81859 Please tell me you kept or topped up Fekir?

  • Little fekir. Sounds like hes off mrs browns boys 😂

  • I kept him, I have 450 shares and won £54 in PB

    Thanks 😊

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